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I play a super star’s wife – Rashmi Nigam

Rashmi Nigam shines in “Heroine”

Kareena Kapoor’s female protagonist is at the heart of Madhur Bhandarkar’s upcoming film, Heroine. But in a movie that promises to take you behind the scenes of Bollywood, how can one forget the male superstar and the as-much-in-the-public-eye star wife?

The character of the star wife in Heroine apparently draws from the lives of Gauri Khan (Shah Rukh Khan’s wife) and Sussane Roshan (wife of Hrithik Roshan). The role is played by Rashmi Nigam. In the film, she is the wife of actor Sanjay Suri’s character who is an established star.

Rashmi says, “My role shows what a star’s wife has to go through. When relationships and rumours start cropping up around the actor, it makes her jealous. Yet, she wants to see her husband shine.”

Talking about how she was picked, she says that it came thanks to the re-casting . “In November, I did an ad for a shampoo brand. At the time, they were re-casting for Heroine. I had asked my agency to get me an audition as I’ve always wanted to work with Madhur Bhandarkar. They saw my ad and called me in,” she says.

Though the spotlight in the film is firmly on Kareena, Rashmi isn’t worried that her performance will get overshadowed.
“The film is indeed about Kareena’s character.

The rest of us are supporting characters who help build up the plot.

However, when you are sharing screen space with Kareena, you will naturally draw eyeballs as well. So I don’t have any qualms doing this film,” says Rashmi.


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