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Zor Lagaa Ke… Haiya – movie review

Save the Trees... Stop Child Labour


Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya, movie review

Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya is a film that carries a social message of saving the environment in the present age of rampant industrialization where money talks.

Mithun Chakraborty is a homeless man who joins hand with a bunch of children to save a tree that faces the axe from a man who wants to bring brick and mortar in place of the tree’s lush green canopy. Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya movie review…

We must have observed certain areas in our vicinity, which once had fine healthy trees and lots of greenery just some time back – now lay barren with cemented roads or just new construction coming up. This is often witnessed even at many spots on our city roads – with mindless cutting of trees often making way for display of hoardings or then just for road widening. And the aam aadmi is going on with his life with an indifferent attitude. What a shame!

Now its up to the children who are our future – who awake to stop this shameful going ons, and save the trees which even have eco-advantages. It ss in a city like Mumbai, where the local Municipal Corporation has declared cutting of trees as a criminal offence. Thus some rationale has dawned on these insatiable businessmen and construction companies. But the reality is somewhat different outside the metro cities in India, and tree cutting in on a rampant scale for the benefit of a few greedy people.

Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya is about a 12 year-old child Karan (Megan) whose world is a heaven. He has a nice family to look after him, with good schooling, and a nice circle of friends to play with. Karan’s evenings are usually spent playing cricket with his group of friends namely Ritesh (Ritvik Tyagi), Laddu (Hardik Thakkar) and Priya (Ayesha Kaduskar).

Karan and his friends come across a mean looking beggar living in a small tent hut, outside their housing society. There are several stories surrounding the mysterious bag of this beggar, which has earned him nickname Raavan from these kids.

Their playground is centered around a tree which Karan wants to use it as a lookout post for tracking Raavan. Searching for wooden planks to make the tree-house, Karan reaches the construction-site and lands in trouble, when a quick-thinking Ram saves him from the ire of Gupta, the manager at the building site. This sets off a deep bond of friendship between Karan and Ram. Ram aspires to be an architect and so readily joins the gang in building the tree house.

For Ram, the 13 year-old kid of a laborer family and a child-laborer himself at construction site, watching these cricket games is the only bright spot in a day. Under the brutal supervision of the site manager Gupta, Ram is forced to work long hours.

One day the kids are shocked on knowing that their arch enemy Raavan has been sleeping in the tree house in the nights. Now starts a series of small battles to rid the danger-man from their ‘home’.

Now the kids begin to understand of the problems faced by homeless beggars like Raavan as the tree house is the only place he could sleep without fearing a police raid in the night. There is a truce between the beggar and kids. But it is short lived when the builder Bakshi and his associate Gupta plan to cut the tree for making an access road.

Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya is a film with a Save TREE message, packaged in enjoyable story telling, that would motivate anybody to preserve the planet earth for future generations.

Cast of Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya:
Raavan the Tramp – Mithun Chakraborty
Karan – Megan
Priya – Ayesha Kaduskar
Laddu – Hardik Thakkar
Ritesh – Ritvik Tyagi
Ram – Ashwin Chitale
Mahesh Manjrekar
Riya Sen
Sachin Khedekar
Raj Zutshi
Seema Biswas
Gulshan Grover

Credits & Crew of Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya:
Writer-Director: Girish Girija Joshi
Producer: Basant Talreja And Kartikeya Talreja
Director of Photography: Hari Nair
Editor: V.N Mayekar
Presenter: Gemini Motions Pictures
Music: Bapi Tutul
Lyrics: Amithah Verma
Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya, movie review