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Yuvvraaj – movie review

Music Binds Love


Yuvvraaj, movie review

Yuvvraaj is a musical drama of a fragmented family of three brothers Gyanesh Yuvvraaj (Anil Kapoor), Deven Yuvvraaj (Salman Khan) and Danny Yuvvraaj (Zayed Khan) who are hostile and play games with each other to inherit their father’s wealth.

Their father dies and leaves the whole inheritance to Gyanesh Yuvvraaj, the eldest one who is Mentally retarded. Gyanesh, the autistic eldest brother is the centerpiece of all action. All he longs for is love and the enormous inheritance has no impact on him. He is brilliant in all aspects of music.

A quarrel with his father was reason enough for Deven Yuvvraaj to leave home and live as a struggling singer. He is in love and wants to marry the girl – Anushka (Katrina Kaif) but her father wants her to marry someone else. Therefore he signs a contract with the girl’s dad Dr. Banton (Boman Irani) that in 40 days, he will become a billionaire in 40 days.
To acquire this wealth, he has to go through an emotional roller coaster journey of joy and pain with his two estranged brothers Gyanesh and Danny Yuvvraaj (Zayed Khan) who he meets after 12 years. On meeting them, he realizes that they are two individuals who are completely opposite of each other, which makes his task all the more difficult.

Danny Yuvvraaj has a passion for flying which kept him floating on an air-cushion filled with his father’s money. A playboy and a brat he was sure that the inheritance would be his. Shunned by the casinos and clubs he strikes at Gyanesh in an attempt to get back what he thought was rightfully his.

In Yuvvraaj the director, Subhash Ghai has beautifully presented the relationships which have always been about love and tradition. Whether it is about the need, greed, love, betrayal, hate and vengeance. They remain unchanged. We have always seen enemies fighting, but it is very interesting to see brothers within a family fighting with each other.
Anushka (Katrina Kaif) plays the love interest of Salman Khan. Katrina plays a musician of International Repute and a catalyst in this film. It packs in enough complex emotions making it an interesting drama.

Yuvvraaj is an interesting play of mind games of young ones of today’s time. But woven with grand music all the way, which gives you goose bumps at many junctions of the screenplay with great moments with the performances from the lead stars.

The director’s commendable efforts are visible in the grand scale in the songs with rich visual experience and orchestral sound. It is more of a feel-good-film rather than a great film.

The only actor who excels in this drama is Anil Kapoor and the biggest disappointment was Katrina Kaif’s performance. Salman Khan has a good screen presence, while Zayed Khan in a negative role is interesting.

Yuvvraaj is a drama of Money vs. Family, mounted on big sets that are so good and visually impressive that keeps the viewer involved. A musical treat all the way in Subhash Ghai’s inimitable style.

Cast of Yuvvraaj:
Deven Yuvvraaj – Salman Khan
Gyanesh Yuvvraaj – Anil Kapoor
Danny Yuvvraaj – Zayed Khan
Anushka – Katrina Kaif
Dr. P K Banton – Boman Irani
Sikandar Mirza – Mithun Chakraborty
Daniel Mehta – Bhupinder Singh
Om Prakash ‘Mamaji’ – Anjan Srivastav
Sukamana – Aparna Kumar
Bala – Chinmay Patwardhan
Aushima Sawhney
Sulabha Arya
Aimee Maghera
Jaqueline Garewal
Shyam Mashalkar
S.J. Anand
Swatantra Bharat
Rufy Khan

Credits & Crew of Yuvvraaj:
Producer – Subhash Ghai
Director – Subhash Ghai
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue – Subhash Ghai
Screenplay – Kamlesh Pandey, Sachin Bhowmick
Executive Producers Shamira Karim, Raju Farooqui
Line Producer – Daniela Humlova
Original Music – A.R. Rahman
Cinematography – Kabir Lal
Film Editing – Subhash Ghai
Casting – Abhimanyu Ray
Art Direction – Omung Kumar
Costume Design – Anna Singh, Rocky S
Assistant Directors – Mrighdeep Lamba, Vishal Bajaj, Shilpi Dasgupta
Production Manager – Sameer Farooqui
Art Department – Vivek Bhalerao, Rajendra Kumar Das, Rahul Kurup, Ram More
Sound Department – Adil Ali, Kannan Ganapathy, Jehangir, Mahendra M. Julka
Visual Effects – Salil Deshpande, Muthu Stalin, Ashish Verma
Stunts / Action Director – Mahendra Verma
Costumes – Gauri Karan, Nainika Karan, Alvira Khan, Ashley Rebello, Bipin Tanna
Yuvvraaj, movie review