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Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara

An half baked romantic-crime thriller


A dreaded Don is a helpless person after he falls in love.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara is a sequel to the 2010 film Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, directed by Milan Luthria and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. It has Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan in leading roles and Sonali Bendre plays a supporting role.

The story begins from where the previous film ended with Shoaib Khan (Akshay Kumar) who is the reigning don after successfully eliminating his mentor Sultan Mirza (played by Ajay Devgn in the previous film).

The first part has some beautiful locales of Sultanate of Oman where Shoaib has set up base after fleeing Bombay. Shoaib Khan is a charismatic and suave man who has extended his empire upto the Middle east in the west. Mumtaz (Sonali Bendre) plays his old-time love and amongst his close companions are Javed, who oversees his illegal works and Aslam (Imran Khan), who is in Bombay.

Aslam was spotted by Shoaib during one of his visits to the slums in Bombay in the eighties. Shoaib had once spent his early years of his life in Bombay.

Now Aslam (Imran Khan) is a grown up handsome youth who is trustworthy for the Don. Shoaib is aware that till the time his arch rivals Vardha and Arun are ruling Bombay, he cannot attain supremacy in the Bombay underworld.

The only obstacles on Shoaib’s path to supremacy in Bombay are two enemies of Shoaib, Vardha and Arun.

A police officer joins hands with Vardha and Arjun with the understanding to eliminate Shoaib Khan’s whatever empire is left in Bombay.

Shoaib Khan lands up in Bombay, being his first love, with the intention to clean up his rivals. There is a struggling starlet Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha) who is come all the way from Kashmir to Bombay for making it big in the film industry.

Shoaib gets obsessed with Jasmine and yearns to have her. While Jasmine is gradually beginning to fall in love with Aslam who works for Shoaib.

Now it is a love triangle leading to a rift between Shoaib and Aslam as they both vie for Jasmine’s love. What then follows is conflict of love interest, test of loyalty and courage.

The only watchable song in the film is “Tayyab Ali” rendered by Javed Ali. Tayyab Ali Jaan ka Dushman was originally in the film Amar Akbar Anthony. Not much impressive action except for the roof top chase where Akshay and Imran are chased by the cops.

Sonali Bendre is the only powerful character in her cameo as Mumtaz. The film begins well and proceeds well till the first half. Post interval it is a forced drama from the lead actors.

Those who expect it to be a serious gangster action film, will be disappointed as this one is a mix of a crime thriller and love drama. The sequel isn’t as powerful as its first part. Akshay, Sonakshi and Imran Khan fail to make an impression in their parts.


Akshay Kumar – Shoiab Khan
Imran Khan – Aslam
Sonakshi Sinha – Jasmine Mirza
Sonali Bendre – Mumtaz Khan
Kurush Deboo – Tailor
Pitobash Tripathy – Dedh Taang
Tiku Talsania – Tayyab Ali
Faraz Deswali – Faraz Khan
Sophie Choudhary

Banner – Balaji Motion Pictures
Directed by Milan Luthria
Produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Written by Rajat Arora
Music by Pritam
Cinematography – Ayananka Bose
Editing by Akiv Ali

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