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Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns

A brilliant political drama of royal dynasties


A sequel to the critically acclaimed 2011 thriller, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, this version has Jimmy Shergill and Mahie Gill, who reprise reprising their roles from the first part.

Other pivotal characters added are that of Irrfan Khan and Soha Ali Khan.

Directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns is a romantic thriller drama about the royals fighting for money and power.

Aditya Pratap Singh (Jimmy Shergill), a royal prince, is shown as a crippled, moving around in a wheel chair, trying to recover from the physical disability. Recovering from his wife’s betrayal, he has the company of lover cum seductress Madhavi Devi (Mahie Gill).

Aditya Pratap Singh manages the strategies and the play of politics of Madhavi Devi who is now an elected Member of Legislative Assembly in a northern state of India.

As they are some four independent MLAs who hold the key to swaying of the policies of the ruling party, Aditya Pratap Singh holds the leash on the policy matters of supporting the ruling party and brilliantly stage-manages their support to extract the best bargain in their favour.

The other independent MLAs are his cousins and uncles, who now show signs of merging with the ruling party for one time immediate gain, whereas Aditya Pratap Singh tries his best to convince them to stay independent and then have the opportunity of extracting the best bargains – time and again.

Madhavi Devi’s relationship with Aditya is in a mess and has turned into an alcoholic and is deprived of money by Aditya for her lavish lifestyle.

She comes in contact with Indrajeet Singh (Irrfan Khan), a prince, who has lost his aristocracy and has lost everything which was once destroyed by Aditya Pratap Singh’s ancestors. Indrajeet wants to regain his pride and has pledged to get back his family’s respect.

Indrajeet is in love with Ranjana (Soha Ali Khan), Birendra Pratap’s daughter. She is a modern girl of the same royal family with whom Indrajeet is most loyal to her father.

Indrajeet supports Birendra Pratap’s every move which would lead to Aditya Pratap Singh’s fall as he wants to see him depleted in terms of money and power.

There is now a turn in the story as Aditya has fallen in love with Ranjana and uses his sharp acumen to arm-twist her father Birendra Pratap for their marriage.

Brilliant performances from Jimmy Shergill and Irrfan Khan. Mahie Gill is sensuous and fits into the part of an alcoholic woman wanting to hit back at Aditya at any given opportunity.

An engaging story telling that is as vivid and even more dramatic than the first part. It ends with a climax where the director has managed the option of coming up with its third part. And it is surely worth waiting for.

Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster Returns is a brilliant political drama showing how the royals manage and maneuver their support to political parties.

Jimmy Shergill as Aditya Pratap Singh
Mahie Gill as Madhavi Devi
Irrfan Khan as Indrajeet Singh aka Raja Bhaiyya
Soha Ali Khan as Ranjana
Deepraj Rana as Kanhaiya
Raj Babbar as Birendra Pratap
Anjana Sukhani – special appearance
Mugdha Godse – special appearance
Rajeev Gupta
Sitaram Panchal
Rajesh Khera
Studio Brandsmith Motion Pictures, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia
Produced by Tigmanshu Dhulia, Rahul Mittra, Nitin Tej Ahuja
Screenplay by Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sanjay Chauhan
Music by Sandeep Chowta, Mukhtar Sahota
Lyrics – Sandeep Nath
Cinematography Yogesh Jani
Editing by Rahul Srivastava