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Raavan – movie review

The line that divides Good from Evil ?


Raavan, movie review

Was Raavan just a myth… the line that divides Good from Evil…?

Dev Pratap Sharma (Vikram) is a DSP who falls in love with Ragini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), a spunky classical dancer. The cop and the dancer girl get married and the DSP is posted in a small town Lal Maati in northern India. Raavan movie review…

Beera (Abhishekh Bachchan), is the law in this a tribal town, who is feared somewhat yet respected and loved by most of the tribals. It is only when the DSP Dev who tries to bring order in this area, and when he metes out inhuman treatment to Beera, it sets a chain of unexpected events which claim lives.

Hurt and enraged, Beera, hits back at the Police force, which results in classes which draw Beera, Ragini and Dev which takes them into the deep, dense jungles.

The tension between opposites often seems so electric, that it isolates them from the rest of the world, leaving just the two – all alone…

It is during this journey which will test their beliefs and convictions. Dev and Beera must confront their own truth. These dense forests turn into a battleground for the battle between good and the evil, depicting the Ramayana battle.

The lines dividing good and evil are blurring fast. What seemed like the hated one turns to love and the good character begins to appear evil.

Abhishek Bachchan himself seems confused here, as was the director in Raavan. Would you expect the audience get convinced of dark sides of an evil character, merely by smearing black make up all over the actor’s face and body. Not only black colour, its ash and muck in several moments.

The best performances come from Aishwariya Rai Bachchan and Vikram. Talented actors like Govinda and Ravi Kishan are simply wasted in this story.

Is it the same award winning master director who has given us Guru, Bombay, Yuva and Roza? It seems the director was confused himself, since the story is supposed to be about Beera and his tribal community, located in deep forests, who are meted some ruthless killings by the police.

Most of the times, its just raining and if its not, then the situations are at a waterfall in Raavan. Also, these tribals of deep jungles, sometimes shown in tattered clothing and but suddenly, for song sequences they appear in ghagras and designer backless cholis with streaked hair! Confusing.

Cast of Raavan:
Abhishek Bachchan – Beera Munda
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Ragini Sharma
Vikram – Dev Pratap Sharma
Govinda – Sanjeevani
Nikhil Dwivedi
Ravi Kishan

Credits & Crew of Raavan:
Banner – Madras Talkies, Reliance Big Puctures
Producers – Mani Ratnam, Sharada Trilok
Screenplay & Direction – Mani Ratnam
Written by – Renzil D’Silva
Music Director – A R Rahman
Cinematography – Santosh Sivan, V. Manikandan
Lyrics – Gulzar
Executive Producer – B. Chintu Mohapatra
Creative Producer – Shaad Ali
Production Design – Samir Chanda
Film Editor – Sreekar Prasad
Dialogues – Vijay Krishna Acharya
Costume Design – Sabyasachi
Choreography – Ganesh Acharya, Brinda, Shobana, Astad Deboo
Action – Sham Kaushal, Peter Hein
Audiography – Tapas
Raavan, movie review