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Woman's foolish desires land her in a mess, her loving husband blamed


Pyaari Tarawali film review

Pyaari Tarawali The True Story traces the journey of emotions and struggles that a girl goes through yet it also depicts (though subtly) the helplessness of a single man who is subject to ridicule just because he is still unmarried at the age of 38.

This man works hard to keep his wife happy but towards the end his wife deserted him as this woman had some more desires in life that she gets swayed by sweet talks of her ex-boyfriend and ends up in a mess only for her own wrong-doings. Pyaari in her infanthood had been bought up by her mother narrating a story that one day a Knight in Shining Armor would come and marry this girl who would then rule as a Queen and live happily ever after. Is that the end?

No. Pyaari had unending desires for herself.

Though Pyaari had suffered marriage break-up twice, the third time she found the right man who respected her, cared and loved her, yet she had bigger dreams of breaking free in life, desiring to be treated for films twice a week and she herself couldn’t define what she wanted to achieve in life. These incidents actually occurred Tarawali is a village near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh – the heart of India about a decade ago.

For how long will our society accuse about the existent patriarchal culture in the interiors of India? We need to re-think of prejudice leveled against all the men folk, that is rampant not only in the interiors but even in modern towns of the present times. Agreed that there are several stories in newspapers even today regarding the victimization of women, but what goes unnoticed is the equal abuse towards men as even the laws of the land are completely skewed in favour of the female gender. A proper assessment of the film Pyaari Tarawali that is a journey of a woman in Tarawali Village in Madhya Pradesh will reveal contradictory and heartless injustice meted out to the male protagonist.

Though the film has been marketed as a struggle of a woman in our patriarchal society, after proper introspection one would find an adverse moral of the story of a clean hearted hardworking male who does everything to keep his wife happy, but he couldn’t satisfy her ‘so called never ending desires’ in her life.

Coming to the narration, the film is narrated in a simple non-Bollywood style or to say that it is meant for the film festival audience. Cinematography, Editing and performances by Rajneesh Dubey and Dolly Tomar are very much upto the mark.

It is a pleasant surprise to see the villages and towns are eye-pleasingly shot. Other performances by Bobby Vats as Shakil Khan impresses so does Uday Atroliya as Mama and the very natural characterization by Satya Agnihotri as Santosh who is Laxman’s Man-Friday cum helper at the Tea Stall. It seems that the team-work is quite perfectly performed while the main credits go to Rajneesh Dubey and Dolly Tomar who keep the audience so engrossed in their characters.

Pyaari Tarawali the true story is recommended to watch about how a single innocent man is taken for granted and he is the first to be blamed about the troubles to his wife, no matter even it the ‘poor’ woman is a victim of her own insensible decisions.

Cast of Pyaari Tarawali The True Story:
Dolly Tomar as Pyaari
Rajneesh Dubey as Laxman
Bobby Vats as the Don Shakil Khan
Uday Atroliya as Mama
Satya Agnihotri as Santosh (Laxman’s friend)
Bahadur Singh Danti as Pyaari’s Father
Sangeeta Shrivastav as Pyaari’s Mother
Devu Namdev as Ishwar
Gourav Namdev as Shadab Khan
Yogita Singh as Laxman’s Bhabhi
Manju Raikwar as Laxman’s Bhabhi


Credits of Pyaari Tarawali The True Story
Banner – Omsheel Production
Producers – Kalpana Rajput, Amit Gupta, Dolly Tomar
Co-producers – Sayyad Rehman, Balwant Purohity, Amaan Ali
Writer & Director – Rajneesh Dubey
Music Directors – R P Sony, S Kumar, Rajneesh Dubey
Lyrics – Rajneesh Dubey, S Kumar, Late Manorama Singh
Background Score – Aamir Shaikh
Cinematography by P John Viji
Editing by Dhirendra M. Dimri, Yogesh Pandey, Devu Namdev
Creative Writer – Kaviraa Arjun
Choreographers – Dharam, Rajneesh Dubey