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PK – Hindi Movie Review

A satire on the blind beliefs of religion in India


PK - Hindi movie review

Its OMG! Oh My God revisited. PK is a satire on “God and godmen” with an unique narration, superb performances from the pivotal characters, yet is a lengthy film which stretches on the same issue of having called a ‘Wrong Number’ while seeking the almighty.

The Managers of God have been again exposed in this film where an alien (resembling human race) comes to earth on his mission to survey the life and times of the inhibitants of this planet.

It is not a futuristic or a sci-fi film, PK deals about the ordeals of the alien man who is clean hearted, doesn’t tell lies, doesn’t hurt anybody, has the ability to grasp the language within few hours of just holding hands of a human. Like the data being transferred from one hard disk to another. This person has the ability to adapt easily to the new surroundings.

It beigns with a space ship hovering around the desert of Rajasthan, it lands and only one alien comes off it. He is a handsome, muscular man without any clothes (as in his planet, the inhibitants do not adorn any clothing).

This man has an ‘ornament’ around his neck, which is actually the transmitter (remote control, as often referred later on) to communicate with his space ship to facilitate his return journey.

But it so happens that a cunning village man snatches it from him and escapes, leaving the innocent alien stranded without anything on him.

Pk is the story of this stranded alien who befriendeds Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt) who is ever helpful to him to get back to his family.

This alien seeks help of shopkeepers, police and the authorities who believe that the person is drunk. In hindi, they ask him “pee Kay’ aaya hai, to which he nods, and hence he is referred here onwards as PK.

Bhairon Singh suggests PK to go to Delhi, as there are bright chances of recovering his lost transmitter (remote) which in all probability would be sold off by the thief as it would be safe to sell it in the distant city.

In Delhi, he comes across Jagat Janani (Anushka Sharma) who is a Television News Reporter. It is with her help that he manages to recover his belonging and in the process has to confront a godman Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla) who is none other than a polished conman who emotionally and spiritually threaten the laymen under the guise of religion.

The positives of this film is Aamir’s entry, which is spectacular and he mantains it throughout the film. Anushka Sharma appears much unlike herself with some plastic surgery performed on her lips. Nevertheless she comes up with splendid performance, especially the romantic scenes between her and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Now the negatives. This one is a satire on Indian blind beliefs, with the basic resemblance to OMG Oh My God. PK is shown going much further by doing things which are restricted in religious places like the churches, the mosques and the temples.

Aamir Khan carries the film on his shoulders with his child like thinking and questioning and wide open eyes, static gazes and ‘prominent ears’.

Aamir Khan’s Bhojpuri dialect appears sweet and funny, while how he manages to eat and arrange for his clothing are awkward. Like stealing clothes from ‘dancing cars’, his distributing pamphlets about MISSING God and finally it is the over-stretched narration which could have been much crisper.


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Aamir Khan as P.K.
Anushka Sharma as Jagat Janani
Boman Irani as TV Channel boss
Saurabh Shukla as The Godman
Sushant Singh Rajput as Sarfarosh
Sanjay Dutt as Bhairo Singh
Sai Gundewar as the Ticket Seller
Ram Sethi as elderdy Indian in Belgium
Reema Debnath as Phooljhadiya
Banner – Vinod Chopra Films, Rajkumar Hirani Films, UTV Motion Pictures
Produced by Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Directed by Rajkumar Hirani
Screenplay – Abhijat Joshi, Rajkumar Hirani
Music – Ajay Atul, Shantanu Moitra, Ankit Tiwari
Cinematography – C. K. Muraleedharan
Edited by Rajkumar Hirani


PK – Hindi Movie Review

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