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LUV U ALIA – Hindi movie review

A love story reuniting broken hearts


Luv U Alia, movie review

‘Marriages are made in Heaven, arranged by Kiran’ is the tag line of Kiran, a young dude shown as a marriage consultant. Kiran has solution for any type of discord between a couple or obstacles faced by unmarried lovebirds wanting to marry but have hindrances in their love life.

This movie is for all those who’ve been in love. Luv U Alia, is a story of modern day Society, where both parents are too busy making their lively hood. Shot in two languages, it was released some months back in Kannada, and now its hindi release.

The heroine’s friend faces such problem where the innocent girl cannot marry the love of her life because a local don ‘Zulfi’ or Selfiebhai is madly in love with her. Full one sided love.

Therefore this model cum airhostess brings her friend to this marriage consultant Kiran and during the ‘planning and strategising’ of evading the local don’s proposal, Alia’s friend’s problem is solved, and in the process the marriage consultant Kiran falls in love with Alia.

Alia too likes the boy, has a soft corner for him, yet she isn’t willing to get married to that boy because she has experienced and witness the bitterness of married couples in her house in the form of her parents who are divorced and living apart.

Work is the centre of Alia’s father the protagonist Dr. Ravi’s (Ravi Chandran) who has immense dedication towards work, which leaves him little time for family. His wife Bhoomi (Bhoomika Chawla), feels neglected, and divorces him.

Their daughter Alia who now is an air hostess (Sangeeta Chauhan) has grown up in this friction, is disillusioned about the institution of marriage.

Hence Alia is reluctant to tie the know. She refuses to marry her love of life – Kiran (Chandan Kumar).

How Kiran brings a change in the hearts of the separated parents and how he wins the confidence of Alis is what Luv U Alia an entertaining family drama which has a strong social message for this digital age society is all about. It is shot in exotic international locations with extremely fantastic cinematography

As society gets more educated, and more egoistic, there is frequent friction in marriages today.

Luv U Alia, touches the heart of people with its beautiful storyline. Sangeita Chauhaan who plays the title role wins the heart of the audience with her fresh appeal and a lovely smile (She was the winner of Miss Lovely Smile in the Miss India Contest 2008).

It is a love story reuniting broken hearts. An extra half star for the lead young pair of Kiran Chandan and Sangeita Chauhaan – who hold a promise of making big in Bollywood.

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Bhoomika Chawla as Bhoomi
Ravichandran as Dr. Ravi’s
Sangeeta Chauhan as Alia
Kiran Chandan as Kiran
Sunny Leone in Special cameo

Produced by: SAMMY NANWANI
Distributor: IGI Resonance
Director: Indrajit Lankesh
Cinematography – SANTOSH RAI PATAJE
Shooting Locations: Bangkok, Kashmir, Mumbai , Maharastra
Media Relations: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media
Luv U Alia, movie review