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Love Story 2050 – movie review

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Love Story 2050, movie review

Producer and Director Harry Baweja launches his son Harman Baweja with Love Story 2050, a hi-tech thrilling saga of a boy who breaks the barriers of time and travels into future to bring back his ladylove.

Love Story 2050 is the story of a poor little rich boy Karan (Harman Baweja) a young, spirited, sporty boy who lives life off the rules. While holidaying with friends in Adelaide, Karan falls for Sana (Priyanka Chopra) who is a young petite, shy girl who lives life by the rules. After some enthusiastic efforts, with some catchy songs, he manages to win her love. As in bollywood, this love story comes to a tragic ends. So far, it is impressive.

Karan’s eccentric scientist uncle Dr. Yatinder Khanna (Boman Irani) has developed a time machine that can transport a person into another era and period. Sana expresses her wish to travel to Mumbai in the future. And so, Sana, along with her younger brother and sister Rahul and Thea and uncle Ya, are transported via time machine into the Mumbai of 2050.

This loner still pines for his lost love so Karan desires to be reunited with Sana in the future. The date selected is in the Mumbai of 2050.

Having seen hi-tech action in many Hollywood films like Batman, Superman and others, the director’ efforts appear unimpressive even with hi-tech gadgets and the time machine. The futuristic Mumbai has people drive flying cars, robots, and sky rails which co-exist with the snake charmers who play their “Been” to robotic serpants.

Sana becomes Ziesha in the year 2050 who is a pop star and doesn’t believe in love. Time is running out for Karan who has few weeks to prove to Ziesha that she is his Sana and bring her back to 2008.

Love Story 2050 has several exotic locations, exciting cycle races and even the wonders of technology in 2050 in this love story. Pop stars perform on a stage floating in stratosphere, the digital maidservant who pops out of nowhere at the mere mention of her name, and even a personal robot Boo who does domestic chores for Ziesha. The villain is a masked megalomaniac Dr. Hoshi who wants to get his hands on the time machine.

Harman Baweja is a handsome boy, dances and emotes well. It has the gloss and glitz which is unimpressive, yet Priyanka Chopra does well in her first life and equally good and even more attractive as Ziesha, the wooden girl of 2050. Others like Boman Irani, Archana Puran Singh and even the two kids Aman and Rushita are fine enough.

The film Love Story 2050’s music by Anu Malik is just okay and lyrics are by Javed Akhtar. Action, stunts (Alan Amin) and the cinematography (Kiran Deohans) are the only impressive aspect in this not so impressive film.

CAST of Love Story 2050:
Karan Malhotra – Harman Baweja … Karan Malhotra
Sana / Zeisha – Priyanka Chopra
Dr. Yatin Khanna / Uncle Ya – Boman Irani
Hacker Jimmy Dhinchuck – Kurush Deboo
Archana Puran Singh
Karan Mehra
Mehezabeen Sarela
Rachit Trehan
Harsh Vasisht

CREDITS of Love Story 2050:
Directed by Harry Baweja
Story – Harry Baweja
Screenplay – Bhavani Iyer
Produced by Pammi Baweja
Line Producers – Prashant Shah, Anupam Sharma
Original Music – Anu Malik, Amar Mohile
Cinematography – Vijay Arora
Film Editing – Merzin Tavaria
Art Direction – Alex O’Brien
Post Production Supervisor – Pooja Desai
Love Story 2050, movie review
Sound Re-recording mixer – Leslie Fernandes
Sound Designer – Dwarak Warrier
Special Effects Producer- Georgia Lewis
Special Effects Technician – Tobias Jahke
Visual Effects Compositor – Ritesh Aggrawal
Lead Matchmover – Vishal Bengare (Prime Focus)
Visual Effects Co-ordinator – Jonathan Butchard (Frantic Films)

Stunts – Lee Adamson, Allan Amin
Camera and Electrical Department –
James L. Brown, Erin Henning, Jim Hunt, Daniel D. Sariano, Adam Troeger
Animatronics Technician – James Paul
First Assistant Editor – Aditya Dubey
Production Assistant – Dan Monceaux
Visual Effects, Digital, Lighting –
Ben Campbell, John Dietz, Michael Dohne Vivek Gaur, Michael Grobe, Dennis Jones, Daniel Kmet, Sean Konrad, Georgia Lewis, Yateen Mahambrey, Ian McFadyen, Ben Myers, Bhakti Patwardhan, Eric Ponton, Randal Shore, Bobby Silman, Merzin Tavaria, Richard Thwaites, Adam Trowse, Sandeep Vaidhya, Beck Veitch, Sumit Verma, Rahul Vishwakarma, Faramarz Wankadia, Junshik-Raul Yun