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Kaanchi – Film Review

The Unbreakable



A story of an innocent rural beauty and her fight against power. It is about the inner power of a strong girl who represents millions of suppressed youth against injustice in the country.

Kaanchi is a dramatic journey of 18 years old girl from mountains to metro city from innocence to realization; evolution followed by a revolution, which wakes up, and inspires today youth against corruption of power.

This film comes from Subhash Ghai who made memorable films like Kaalicharan, Karz, Vidhaata, Ram Lakhan, Hero, Meri Jung, Pardes and the last memorable one being Taal. Subhash Ghai disappoints with his latest release Kaanchi, which unfortunately, fails to go down as another memorable flick from the once upon a time, the showman of the Bollywood film industry of the nineties.

Daughter of an ex-army man, Kaanchi (Mishti) is the stubborn girl who has given her heart to the local lad Binda (Kartik Aryan). Binda has set up a physical training institute for the locals of Koshampa to take care of themselves.

Koshampa, a scenic town in the Uttaranchal, has fallen prey to the eyes of a greedy politician who plans to set up a huge commercial venture, for which forcibly vacates the locals against their wishes.

Sushant Kakad (Rishabh Sinha), the innocent looking lad of a powerful politician Kakad (Mithun Chakravarthy) falls for the beautiful Kaanchi and his craving intensifies for her. With wicked advice from his Uncle Jhoomar Babu (Rishi Kapoor) he gets Binda killed in a road accident which is witnessed by Kaanchi, who is shocked. This incident of her beloved’s brutal murder transforms Kaanchi from a vulnerable girl to a fighter who is now bent on not to give up till she changes the system.

Despite her mother and the local people’s advice, Kaanchi, single handedly takes up the fight against injustice, and comes to Mumbai with vendetta on her mind.

While in Mumbai, Kaanchi comes across her childhood friend who is now a cop (Chandan Roy Sanyal), and gets support from Mita Vashisht who heads the movement against corruption. It is a thrilling journey of this girl from a small town, and how she accomplishes her task to destroy the powerful-politically well conneced Kakad family.

The maestro fails to create magic with his sons in the films, with ‘average’ melodies from the duo Ismail Darbar and Salim Suleman. There are many unrealistic instances and situations in the story. To name a few, Kaanchi leaves her home town and comes to Mumbai and still wanders around in her desi dress and style.

A girl of such a determination would easily adapt to a typically Mumbai girl’s characteristics of moving around in casuals (especially when she has to move around without being recognized), like she is shown in smart dresses while working for event management company, and even while on a part time job at Kakda’s household. The Action agains Corruption team’s characters and their working appears unrealistic. At a couple of intense moments, instead of a realistic outburst, what we have is Kaanchi’s screeching voice and screams. The worst being the kambal ke neeche number, which is aimed at the front benchers.

Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakrovarthy play the power in money and politics. While Mithun’s character evokes negativity and he appears uncomfortable (unrealistic) with his stuffed cheeks and a weird style of dialogue delivery, It is refreshing to see Rishi Kapoor with a guitar in his hand (reminds us of his role in Karz) and playing a business tycoon and devilish villain in the film.

Beautiful cinematography of the Hills and outdoors in the scenic Uttaranchal.

An entertaining film with a deep message behind it. It has a great story with great characters, particularly the protagonist, who accomplished such a tough role, expecially for a newcomer to play the title role instead of an established star.

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Cast of Kaanchi:
Mishti as Kaanchi
Kartik Tiwari as Binda
Rishi Kapoor as Jhoomar Babu
Mithun Chakraborty as Shyam Kakda (The politician)
Chandan Roy Sanyal as Ratanlal Bagula
Adil Hussain
Vikrant Massey
Rishabh Sinha as Sushant Kakda
Pallavi Subhash Chandran
Anant Jog
Meeta Vasisht
Special Appearance – Mahima Choudhary, Isha Sherwani


Credits of Kaanchi:
Banner – Mukta Arts
Produced by Subhash Ghai
Directed by Subhash Ghai
Music by Ismail Darbar, Salim-Sulaiman
Story – Subhash Ghai
Background Music – Simaab Sen
Choreography – Aadil Shaikh
Executive Producer – Nishit Verma
Cinematography – Sudhir Chowdhary
Action – Parvez Khan
Art Direction – Aashish Ranade