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Don 2

The Baadshah Is Back


Don 2 - movie review

The Baadshah is back. And indeed he is! Being the second film of the franchise or “BRAND”, Don 2 creates buzz without much promotion in India. Shot at stunning locations in Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia and India.

Speaking of the Don himself, Shah Rukh Khan. His acting is very natural and spontaneous and does not seem scripted. Every thing that he does on screen as Don -from his dialogue delivery, body language, look or style is truly DON.

His performances in the stunt and action scenes are done very well. It is said to be the perfect crime and in fact it is! The first half of the film is comparatively slow with all the preparations taking place to commit “THE CRIME” while on the other hand the Interpol officers of Malaysia trying to catch Don in Berlin.

The second half of Don 2 moves at a rapid pace and is more engaging, power packed with well executed action and stunt sequences the climax of the movie reflects the intelligence of Don’s character and comes as a surprise.

About the various performances in the movie: Priyanka Chopra; her character Roma is barely visible in the movie especially in the first half .She has done justice to her role and her action sequences in the second half are well performed by her. The chemistry between her character Roma and that of Don is evident.

Boman Irani plays the role of Vardhan, who was sent to prison by Don in the first movie; in the sequel we see him in the prison and then and then how he escapes from the prison with the help of Don and how they plan their escape and crime.

Om Puri plays the Interpol officer Malik who is soon going to retire but expresses his desire to catch Don to Roma (Priyanka Chopra’s character).

Kunal Kapoor plays an important role of Sameer a.k.a. Sam, a computer expert who Don hires to hack the security systems. He does well in his character. His character is presented as a very smart and intelligent computer hacker who can do anything when it comes to computers.

Coming to technicalities-cinematography of the movie is done well, screenplay; done by the writers of the movie is done well. Berlin and its locations are shown beautifully.

Don 2 is about the different characters trying to double cross each other. The stunt scenes are well choreographed. Direction by Farhan Akhtar is very smart, some thing new and very well conducted especially the way he depicts SRK’s intelligence.
Although the music has not become very popular, this fact does not make a difference to the popularity of the movie.

The movie is a class apart, and it is in a true sense a sequence! SRK proves that he is truly the “KING”. An intelligent movie to catch this Christmas, living upto all the expectations that came with the name “Don”.

Don 2 deserves a 3 stars rating owing to Farhan Akhtar’s direction and SRK’s performance.

Cast of Don 2:
Shahrukh Khan – Don
Priyanka Chopra – Roma
Lara Dutta – Lara
Boman Irani – Vardhaan
Om Puri – Mallik (Interpol Officer)
Kunal Kapoor – Sameer (Hacker)
Sahil Shroff
Nawab Shah
Adi Putra
Alyy Khan
Hrithik Roshan – Special Appearance

Credits & Crew of Don 2:
Banner – Excel Entertainment, Reliance Entertainment
Director – Farhan Akhtar
Producer – Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani and Shahrukh Khan
Story Writers – Farhan Akhtar, Ameet Mehta, Ambrish Shah
Screenplay – Farhan Akhtar Ameet Mehta Ambrish Shah
Music Director – Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics – Javed Akhtar
Choreographer – Vaibhavi Merchant
Costume Designer – Jaimal Odedera
Co Producers – Arunima Roy, Miriam Joseph
Editor – Anand Subaya
Cinematography – Jason West
Dialogue – Farhan Akhtar
Sound – Nakul Kamte
Don 2 – movie review


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