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Bas Ek Tamanna – movie review

A family drama of a middle-class muslim family of three in Lucknow


Bas Ek Tamanna - movie review

A Muslim culture film based in the scenic settings of Lucknow and Dubai thats Bas Ek Tamanna.

Bas Ek Tamanna is a story of a middle-class muslim family of three in Lucknow, where the mother Najma (Reema Lagoo), is the sole earner and wishes to go for Hajj with her self-earned money. There is an ailing husband Nadeem, who is restricted to the wheelchair and she has a son Faraaz (Sameer Aftab) who works as a part time guide waiting to get a proper job.

Faraaz is on his normal spree as a guide with a few school kids and with a sweet gesture of his, he is noticed by a lady Sameera (Rituparna Sengupta), who had just come to Lucknow from Dubai and wants him to show her around the place. Faraaz spends the next few days with Sameera showing around the various historic monuments of Lucknow.

She admires him all the more after they have been together for so long. At the end of her trip she gives him a job offer in Dubai, and to her pleasant surprise, Faraaz agrees and she pays him a hefty advance. Unknown to him is the background of the lady who has offered the job and its complex nature.

Things are looking up for Faraaz and happiness flows from all angles. This is the time where he comes across the love of his life, Sanah, a teacher in the local school. His parents are happy for both of them and agree to get them engaged before he leaves for his job in Dubai.

Faraaz gets engaged to Sanah (Gauri Karnik) and prepares to leave for Dubai. He has still kept the secrecy about the job details and who has offered it.

Sameera welcomes him in Dubai and to start with, takes him to a big hospital where he is introduced to a 6 year old kid Ahmed, admitted in a psychiatric ward. Sameera is a single parent, a very well settled business woman, but a girl with a haunting past. This kid is of destructive nature as he breaks the dolls from the neck and hanging them on the noose.

The doctor explains that the kid had a Bipolar Disorder, a psychiatric disorder normally found in children with unnatural parental death. It begins with destructive tantrums in the early ages and leads to suicidal tendencies at a later stage.

Ahmed needs a normal father at this stage so that he can be cured of this problem at a later in life so Faraaz agrees to act as a foster father to Sameera’s son.

Faraaz tastes the best things life could offer, but here in India his family and loved ones are going through a bad patch in life. He gradually cuts off with his old contacts and feels that the money he has sent to his family is enough to fill up his loss to the family, absolutely unaware that in the course of time, his father succumbs to his ailments.

Back in India, his mother Najma is alone and struggling with life and has no one to look up to. She gets deeper involved with her work alone and hopes to carry on her religious pursuits and spend the rest of her life in the name of the Almight Allah, post her Hajj.

After his fathers demise, Faraaz comes back to his mother and Sanah, hiding the life he spent in Dubai. Here Sameera faces a tough time with Ahmed who is now all the more aggressive and wants his father back in life. So she decides to settle in Lucknow, unaware about Faraaz’s engagement, with the hope of sorting out matters with Faraaz and get back happiness in her son’s life. She admits Ahmed in the best school – which happens to be the place where Sanah teaches.

The ending of Bas Ek Tamanna has an unexpected climax. It is a beautiful story of a middle class boy who goes wayward because of his greed for money.

Cast of Bas Ek Tamanna:
Reema Lagoo – Najma
Sameer Aftab – Faraaz
Gauri Karnik – Sanah
Rituparna Sengupta – Sameera
Anjana Mumtaz – Swaleha
Vrajesh Hirjee – Chulbul
S. M. Zaheer – Nadeem
Rajan Modi – Banarsi
Master Laeeque – Ahmed
Bharat Kapoor

Credits & Crew of Bas Ek Tamanna:
Banner – Spark Films Entertainments
Producer – Subhan A. Aziz
Executive Producer – Kurnool Nasreen Jaffer
Director – Rahul Kapoor
Story Writer – Ali Hashmat Siddique
Lyricist – Manthan
Music Director – Onkar
Cinematography – Akash Deep
Choreography – Narendra Sharma, Habiba Rehman
Editors – Vilas Ranade, Deepak Wirkud
Costumes – Kavita Chotani
Bas Ek Tamanna – movie review