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A Scandall – Hindi movie review

Everyone has a past story to tell...


A Scandall, hindi movie review

Its trailer is thrilling, the film A Scandall is promising and gripping be that as it may the feature film tends to stray at leisure pace several times.

What if a father who finds himself guilty for the death of his daughter, starts relating with her in day to day situations? Is he actually seeing her dead daughter or is it his way of dealing with his personal tragedy? What if a planchette session meant to invoke sprits brings out skeletons from past instead?

A Scandall begins with a happy family of Manav (Manav Kaul) and his wife Anshu (Tanvi Vyas) leading a peaceful, content life at the scenic hillstation Nainital with their 9 year old daughter Kuhu, who drowns in a lake in Nainital.

Soon after this incident, her father, Manav falls off a cliff but lives on to lead a strange life of hallucinations and complete metamorphosis.

Eventhough it appears that the couple’s life is as usual, yet the father begins to see the visions and is spotted talking to the spirit of the little child.

Manav feels the repentence that he could have saved the girl, thouth failures in life have made him cynical. Death of her daughter quakes his foundations. And then he meets an accident and spends a weak in hospital. When he returns home, he starts hallucinating about his dead daughter.

Anshu’s marriage with Manav had been rocky yet she stuck to it. When their daughter dies because of Manav’s negligence, she distances herself but there are more horrors in the offing.

When Anshu narrates the situation to her boyfriend Vidhu about how her ‘Jijaji’ (brother in law) Manav beginning to see his dead daughter, Vidhu finds it interesting enough to turn it into a film.

Anshu (Reeth Mazumder) is Koya’s sister who has just finished her filmmaking course and alongwith her team of batchmates, they decide to visit the couple.

Koya shares her uncle Manav’s story with her boyfriend Vibhu, but when a small crew lands at Manav’s doors, a seemingly paranormal story turns into a swamp of dying relationships.

Now at crossroads, Koya has to decide if her boyfriend’s Vidhu (Johny B Baweja) brutal quest into her privacy should have her blessings or she should risk her love.

Whereas Vidhu is an unprincipled film maker, who has no qualms about immoral ways of his voyeuristic invasion of other’s privacy. He would stop at nothing to get to the truth that suits him even if it means sacrificing his love.

Koya and Vidhu are accompanied by Prabal (Puru Chibber) the cameraman of the crew and Asmi (Vasundhara Kaul). Though his affair with Asmi, the assistant director is going steady for quite some time, he secretly harnesses the desire desires for his best friend’s girlfriend – Koya.

While Asmi’s boyfriend strays, she has to take stand.

So now what is it? Is it the spirit of child knocking on Manav’s world or is he going over the edge?

Why is the ideal father suddenly chain smoking and forcing his estranged wife for sex too gross? Is something uncanny going about or is he just a nutcase?

This small crew of four hoping to film paranormal activities going around Kuhu’s family very little do they know that their exploits will lead them into a quagmire of incest, sex and an unsolved murder mystery. The scenic beauty of Nainital has been beautifully captured giving one a feeling of really being there. Manav Kaul needs no analysis of his natural performance. Johny B Baweja and Reeth Majumder hold a promise to stay around in Bollywood.

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Cast of A Scandall:
Johny B Baweja as Vidhu
Reeth Mazumder as Koya
Manav Kaul as Manav
Tanvi Vyas as Anshu
Puru Chibber as Prabal
Vasundhara Kaul as Asmi

Credits of A Scandall:
Produced by Let’s Ring The BBell Productions
Story, Screenplay & Direction – Ishan Shrivedi
Cinematographer – Attar Singh Saini
Executive Producer – Abdul Karim
Music Directors: Ikka-Arko, Amjad nadeem, Bapi Tutul
Lyris: Ishan Shrivedi, Sameer Anjaan, Ikka – Intense
Production designer: Priyanka Grover
Choreographer – Longinus Fernandes
Film Editor – Amit Kumar/Suniel Chaurasia
Background Score – Bapi-Tutul
Mix & Mastering Alok De (Fiesta Studio)
Sound Engineer – Anil Dubey
Associate Director – Prateek Srivastava/ Niraj Sah
Line Producer – Arvind K. Singh/ Sanjay Bairagi
Costume Designer – Ruchika Sethi
Music on – Zee Music
Media Relations – Soapbox Entertainment and Celebrity Public Relations
A Scandall, hindi movie review