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‘J DEY’ will focus on a Crime Journalist’s bonding with his family

Nandita Singgha at J Dey press conference

Nandita Singgha ’s Hollywood Marathi Film J DEY Will Focus On A Crime Journalist’s Bonding With His Family!


The Youth Voice Worldwide and Hollywood Filmmaker, Nandita Singgha believes that family support means the world for a Crime Journalist as he/she leaves his/her home fearlessly for the passion of their profession knowing that they might not return back home safely as they might even end up getting killed since they expose the culprits through their crime stories. Nandita is making her Marathi Hollywood film J DEY which will portray how the family supports their Crime Journalist family member and they become his/her pillar of strength.

Nandita Singgha better known as Michelle abroad is presently working on her Hollywood Gujarati flick RED as this RED Trailer will release this Gandhi Jayanti. Nandita had promised at a Press Conference held in Pune in June that she would even take Marathi Cinema to the global level.

In spite of an extremely busy schedule, Nandita has lived up to her word and has officially announced her Marathi movie titled J DEY which will have have an international appeal but with a Marathi essence to portray the greatness of Maharashtra and the emotional connect of Marathi journalists with the masses.

J DEY has an unparalleled emotional appeal and with this story Nandita as Writer and Director pays tribute to Journalism of Maharashtra and their patriotism. She has chosen her team after thorough research and analysis since its a very emotional story of how journalists lead their day to day lives and how their families adapt to the insecurity, hazard and threat to their lives. After being made in Marathi J DEY movie will be later dubbed in Hindi and English also to reach out to the audience not only in India but in Hollywood and other countries too.

This subject is very close to Nandita Singgha’s heart and she will showcase how lakhs of journalists are jobless but due to their passion and inner drive they remain the social heroes of the society. She firmly believes that to portray any story loaded with emotions, there is no language barrier for the Story & Screenplay of any movie.

The actors are in the process of being finalised as per the script demand since its a very hard hitting social drama genre film. The J DEY trailer of this movie will be launched on Republic Day, 26 th January 2016 and will be webcasted worldwide!

This film J DEY is dedicated to all the Journalists and their families as they are the soldiers against crime.

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