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Focussed on Creativity, story telling and uncompromised on its cost: Sunil Tiwari, Director of short film BLACK & WHITE

Working still of short film Black & White

Doing rounds of various International Film Festivals and garnering acclaim the worldover is BLACK & WHITE, an English short film directed by Sunil Tiwari of Black Coffee & Smoke Films that is Co-produced by Yusuf Botawala.

Speaking to Paresh B. Mehta, Editor of FilmyTown, Sunil revealed, “Our company Black Coffee & Smoke Films aims to bring in the contemporary style of storytelling for global audience and youth who look for quality content and stories that go beyond the traditional realms of storytelling and challenge their minds intellectually.”

Indian actor Naresh Shroff and a Nigerian actor Elvis Ozowara feature as the protagonists in this superbly captured game of wits with a twist in the story. While director Sunil Tiwari has his vast experience in films having directed several ad films for corporates, this short film has been creating buzz as regarding its scale of production though BLACK & WHITE is a single location story.

Naresh Shroff playing the White guy has displayed restrained yet abundance of talent that is visible on his facial expressions, emotions and carrying himself as a South African cop saddled between his shambled personal life and messy professional dealings.

“The film’s plot is based in Durban and revolves around two individuals, from two extreme ends of the racial spectrum, having dark, distinct secrets and personalities of their own, and is stuck in a quagmire of a self-devised point of no return. They rely on their wits, their one-upmanship and quick-on-the draw abilities to survive what can be termed as the darkest night of their lives. You need to watch the film to know if they make it through this arduous test of time and its ruthless temerity,” revealed Chetan Rao.

Chetan Rao and Joseph George the story and screenplay writers have been Creative Heads in some of the world’s most creative advertising agencies like McCann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Lowe, J. Walter Thompson and Young & Rubicam have come up with a spellbinding story of a Cop and a gangster.

Chetan adds, “In short we are not restricted to Indian audience, Indian Stories, Indian actors and Indian film Industry and we aspire to become the hottest creative film company in the world in the years to come with our signature approach and style of storytelling.”

Sunil and Chetan have started screening their film BLACK & WHITE at various places. The first screening happened at Café Masunda in Thane followed with a screening at Teflas and NCPA in Mumbai and various other places.

While at the screening, responding to our query as regards the production cost of this film as it appears to be visibly mounted on a lavish scale, Sunil clarified, “In India several people want to discuss the cost of making a film, but we believe that a film has nothing to do with the cost, rather we would love to discuss the story, creativity and direction of the film.”

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