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Digital sensation Adnaan Shaikh launches Lifestyle offering – 2407 Roar Deodorant

Adnaan Shaikh Launches 2407 Roar Deodorant

Earlier it used to be Bollywood superstars launching their lifestyle brands, now in this Digital era, the new age superstars like Qyuki Digital star Adnaan Shaikh make waves in the Lifestyle industry. Adnaan has just launched his Fragrance – ROAR Deodorant, while celebrating Life on New Hip-Hop Track ‘Masti Mein Nacho’ by his brother D-Abdul

The social media sensation is marking a bold and fearless new era with an exclusive fragrance and a vibrant music video directed by him

Indian digital superstar, Adnaan Shaikh has launched his own lifestyle offering, the 2407 Roar deodorant. Roar forms the third addition to Shaikh and his super social media creator group Team 07’s flagship lifestyle brand 2407 which made its debut in 2019. True to the cultural phenomenon’s persona and the group’s ethos, the fragrance is marked by a bold and fearless scent that will inspire wearers to fulfill their dreams. Solidifying the digital creator’s strong presence, Roar debuts shortly after the launch of Shaikh’s fitness venture, the Mumbai-based Rave Gym, which began operations earlier this year in November. The deodorant also debuts on the same day as hip-hop artist D-Abdul’s (also Shaikh’s brother) highly anticipated music video for his track “Masti Mein Nacho.” Directed by Shaikh, the vibrant clip features D-Abdul, Shaikh himself, and the rest of Team 07 — Mr. Faisu, Hasnain, Faiz, and Shadan — alongside 15 other digital stars.

A definitive youth style icon and a health enthusiast, Shaikh’s life has always reflected his indomitable spirit. Wishing to inspire his millions of followers across social media platforms, the creator chose to release 2407 Roar during the season of celebrations. With the new year just around the corner, Shaikh also hopes his deodorant helps his fans mark and embrace new beginnings. The fragrance is the culmination of the creator’s hard work — Shaikh went from being an action maven to a comedy and drama tour de force to a brave entrepreneur in a short and storied span of time, showing great vision while proving his multifaceted mettle.

Says Adnaan Shaikh, “2407 Roar deodorant encompasses the spirit of every dreamer. I wanted this fragrance to empower people to feel confident and showcase their work, to reach for the stars, to inspire and uplift those around them. I hope you all enjoy 2407 Roar and make your voice heard when it counts, no matter the platform. I would like to thank Qyuki for making this dream possible for me and every creator out there. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year and that you hold on to your excitement because Team 07 has a lot more in store for you in 2021.”

The launch of 2407 Roar deodorant is yet another feather in his cap and the creator is seen celebrating the triumphs of the year in D-Abdul’s “Masti Mein Nacho” wherein Shaikh and Team 07 are joined by a host of popular creators — Somya, Yasmin Pathan, Ashima Chaudhary, Kajal, Aas khan, Asad khan, Atif khan, Tanveer Zayn, Abraz Khan, Arhan Ansari, Amaan Furniturewala, Junaid Sensation, Mujassim, Tapsi, and Iffy Khan — as they groove to some stellar choreography. The music video sees the digital superstars let loose and have fun, swaying to the memorable horn riff that ties the track together. Composed and penned by D-Abdul, “Masti Mein Nacho” is sure to become a staple on everyone’s playlist.

Debuting on the same day as D-Abdul’s celebratory hip-hop track, 2407 Roar is the highly anticipated the third addition to Team 07’s youth lifestyle offerings, following in the footsteps of Mr. Faisu’s 2407 Crush and Hasnain Khan’s 2407 Intense. Showcasing hustle, ambition, grit and perseverance, 2407 is the ultimate label for people looking to carve their mark. With its range of game-changing products that cater to everyone, 2407 aims to make every person feel powerful and capable of achieving their goals and dreams. It’s the go-to brand for all.

Through 2407 Roar and “Masti Mein Nacho,” Shaikh hopes for his fans to walk in his shoes and feel confident, to be inspired to take a chance on themselves, to create positive influence, and make a difference in the world. Expanding on their label, Team 07 is also all set to launch a complete range of lifestyle products for men in 2021. With the debut of his signature fragrance as well as yet another directorial credit, Shaikh is roaring into the new year with a whole new dream on his ever-expanding horizon.


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