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The 33, movie review
The 33 bravehearts of the brotherhood It is a true story about 33 miners who were trapped, lets say buried alive by the catastrophic collapse of a 100-year-old gold and copper unstable mine for 68 days in San José Chile. Though a true story and based on the novel 'Deep Down Dark' by Héctor Tobar has a beautifully crafted narrative. The 33 was filmed on location in Chile’s harshly remote yet breathtakingly beautiful Atacama desert just kilometers away from where the event took place, and deep within two mines located in central Colombia. It opens with the miners a motley crew of family men, drunks and happy go lucky men celebrate the retirement of their loved old colleague. It is August 5, 2010, and like any other day for the men who worked the San José Mine near Copiapó, Chile. As the 33 miners descended deeper and deeper into the cavernous mine, they could not have imagined ....
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Monster Hunt, movie review
This 3D Fantasy adventure live animation film has become the highest grossing film across China. Monster Hunt carries a message to understand and accept differences between people, communities and to see the world through others' perspective which would foster more understanding between the people across the globe. In a fantasy ancient world based on medieval China, monsters ruled the land. Then came human’s all-out war in an attempt to seize the land. In its final days, they outwitted the monsters and succeeded in driving them into the dark mountains. Ever since, monsters were forbidden to step into the land again. If they were found, they would be captured and exterminated. For all these years, the two races have lived in their separate worlds, until the birth of a new monster king who would reshape the balance of power and bring in the new world order. Somewhere in the human w ....
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Star Wars, The Force Awakens - Movie review
The seventh installment in the main Star Wars film series STAR WARS - The Force Awakens is set approximately 30 years after Return of the Jedi (1983), and follows Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron's fight with the Resistance, led by veterans of the Rebel Alliance, against Kylo Ren and the First Order, descended from the Galactic Empire. A generation after the second Death Star was destroyed, Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, has disappeared. The First Order has risen from the fallen Galactic Empire and seeks to eliminate Luke and the Republic. The Resistance, backed by the Republic and led by Luke's twin sister, Leia Organa, opposes them while searching for Luke to enlist his aid. The engrossing adventure begins with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), a Resistance X-wing fighter pilot who is sent on a mission by a certain princess. He is rescued by Finn, the First Order stormtrooper, and their fates are ....
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The Silent Heroes Movie review
These specially abled kids achieve the impossible, never ever attempted the world over. No words to speak, No sound to hear, Just a dream to fulfill. This describes best about this honest film, an adventurous and emotional story of 13 REAL deaf and mute children on a Himalayan mission, their struggle for survival, their courage and their heroism. A fictional story of 13 deaf children from a school in Uttarakhand who want to work on something which shall bring them respect and that the world shall look up to them. This school is run by two teachers who feel that if these children become mountaineers then their dream to rise high above everyone shall be realized, after all mountaineering is a difficult sport and attempting the same with deaf children is much bigger challenge. The film then focuses on their trainer and his haunting past which compels him to help them, story of their ri ....
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Filmy Town Print magazine inaugural issue

Deepika Padukone was the unanimous choice for the Inaugural issue. She is classy, talented and has been appreciated for her performances by stars of yesteryears too. To read the FILMY TOWN February 2015 print magazine issue CLICK HERE Talking about yesteryear stars, its a pity that the depiction of family values and Indian culture is diminishing in Hindi movies. To…

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Mary Kom Hindi film review
The much awaited bio-pic on 5 times world amateur boxing champion in her weight category - MARY KOM is out now. Mary Kom, the film begins with Mary (played by Priyanka Chopra). Why does she have to have freckles on her face, is difficult to fathom. Fighting it out for her friend, beating a grown up boy and excitedly barging in a Boxing academy where she pleads the coach to train her. In a true guru style, the coach M. Narjit Singh (played by Sunil Thapa) tests her patience and is ultimately won over by her commitment. The movie continues lucidly and it is shown that the zealous student fighter is chosen for her first national championships, which she wins with ease. Then on to getaway pastures of international championships where she brings glory to the country. Then the inevitable happens and she falls in love, and promptly after winn ....
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Grace of Monaco
The opening film at Festival de Cannes was greeted with mixed reactions from critics. Produced by YRF Entertainment and Stone Angels, GRACE OF MONACO is a biography film about the life of Grace Kelly, the Academy award winning actress who married to the Prince of Monaco. On the brink of stardom, Grace Kelly leaves aside her successful career as a Hollywood actress to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956. Grace Kelly, post her marriage with the Prince of Monaco, has been out of the US for a considerable time. She has given up her Hollywood career and she now has kids to care and manage other issues in this tiny kingdom. There are troublesome times when she finds it difficult to cope up with this royal lifestyle and its traditions, this is where she is often guided by Tucker (Frank Langella) a priest seeking his advice in diplomatic issues and even to the extent of getting tips ....
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X-Men Days of Future Past
The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The beloved characters from the original “X-Men” film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from “X-Men: First Class,” in an epic battle that must change the past – to save our future. Comic book heroes are fighting for their lives, on the verge of extinction thanks to the hulking Sentinel robots developed by warped, mutant-hating genius Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage). As a last hope, Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Erik “Magneto” Lehnsherr (Ian McKellen) and their remaining comrades devise a plan to send Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) consciousness back through time to 1973 to round up the younger versions of themselves we originally met in 2011’s First Class. There, he’ll need to convince them to help stop the Sentinel thr ....
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India's 1st Performance Capture Photorealistic Film Kochadaiiyaan, directed by Soundarya Ashwin starring superstar RajniKant and Deepika Padukone is a masterpiece in the latest technology photo-realistic 3D used for the very first time in India.

Kochadaiiyaan - movie review

It's a period drama that revolves around RajniKant sir who essays the double role of the father Kochadaiiyaan,and the son Rana. The story is dramatic,based on the revenge theme. Young Rana accidentally goes to Raja Mahendra (Jackie Shroff's )state, grows up to be a great warrior, and wins his admiration & trust only to free his soldiers who were kept hostage by King Mahendra for the last 15 years. Rana fools King Mahendra and his son Vena Mahendra ( Aadhi) returns to his home state to a hero's welcome where Rishikoyan ( Nassar) is the king. He is a wicked and manipulated king. His daughter princes ....
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He was shot dead on duty for doing what was right. His voice was silenced. A film based on the real life story of a whistle-blower, Manjunath Shanmugam.

Manjunath - movie review

Six years after the shocking murder of 27 year old IIM alumni Manjunath Shanmugam, an officer with the Indian Oil Corporation, at the hands of the oil mafia, this film tries to capture the story that caught the nation's attention. Set in today’s hinterland of Uttar Pradesh and state-of-the-art campus of the Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow (IIM-L), India, ‘Manjunath’ is the story of a 27 year old guy, Manjunath Shanmugam. After passing out from the IIM, Manjunath joins Indian Oil Corporation Limited. He is posted in Lakhimpur Kheri, a remote district in rural Uttar Pradesh. One day Manjunath goes missing. His friends, who know and work with him, panic, because they know that off late ....
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