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Bhanwar, a mysterious crime-thriller, revolves around Police investigation system, says Kamlesh Sawant

Bhanwar movie poster

How a crime is investigated from different angles and how this investigation affects the personal life of a cop is the core of Kamlesh Sawant’s upcoming film Bhanwar that has Bollywood actor Ganesh Yadav and Kamlesh Sawant playing the protagonists. The teaser of this film was released today and has already garnered One lakh views.

To this day, many movies have come out pertaining to the physical and mental problems of women. But the crime thriller film Bhanwar depicts how women face mental and physical problems, what situation arises on them and this is a great story to read. Talented Bollywood actor Ganesh Yadav and writer director Kamlesh Sawant will be seen in special roles in this movie. Presented by Royal Samruddhi Associates, the teaser of ‘Bhanwar’ was recently released on social media.

Swaroop Sawant has directed films like Balance, POSCO 307 and Rambh among others. Bhanwar will go down as his Bollywood debut as an actor. Swaroop adds that the story of this movie is written by me along with Keshav Kalyankar and Saket Lad Savangikar. It is a story about the oppression of women, the oppression of them since childhood. Ganesh Yadav, Kamlesh Sawant, Shreya Pasalkar, Tanmayi Savardekar are the lead cast.

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Bollywood actor Ganesh Yadav talks about his role in the Bhanwar movie, “In this movie, I will come to meet you in the role of an undercover agent. It is a very exciting and mysterious movie. I’m sure people will love this movie. The speciality of this movie is that the second part of this movie will be released soon. We are all looking forward to seeing this movie in theatres.”

Actor Kamlesh Sawant speaks about the character he plays in Bhanwar, “I will be seen in the role of an inspector in Bhanwar. Some of the incidents that occur are as written in the story but it is about how I investigate them in different ways. And how taking up this case affects my life that is realistically portrayed. The movie will release in a couple of months, and the team is so upbeat that are also planning to shoot a sequel to this movie as soon as possible.”

Presented by Royal Samrudhi Associates, Bhanwar is produced by Vaishali Balasaheb Sawant and directed by Swaroop Sawant and it releases in November 2021 in theatres. It will also be interesting to see when the work on its sequel commences.

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