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Barely Speaking with Arnub

Season 2 of the Nation’s Most Watched Online Talk Show – BARELY SPEAKING with ARNUB


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Monday, July 25th, 2016 – No two people are quite the same. And, no two people quite possess the same qualities and style. This is especially true for the ‘voice of the nation’ — the person the entire nation has been waiting for nearly a year and a half. The most awaited online talk show. Yes! We are talking about ArnUb with a U. He is back with a bang, and how!

TVF’s innovative, popular, iconic and most watched online talk show in India, Barely Speaking with ArnUb (with a U!) launched its first episode on Sunday, July 24th 2016, where ArnUb in his own witty and inimitable style, interviewed the iconic show’s first guest, actress Sunny Leone, for the Season 2 premiere episode of Barely Speaking with ArnUb.

Season 2 of the show gets angrier, tougher and wittier, making it even more challenging for guests on the show to ‘survive’ their interview with ArnUb. The show’s producers had quite a time as most guests they approached didn’t dare show.

However, one personality, beauty with brains, Sunny Leone did show up! ArnUb in his own witty style interviewed his first guest Sunny Leone for the Dwitya season of Barely Speaking with ArnUb. And what a comeback show this was! The interview was different and unique in every way. It was one of the most creative forms of hard core journalism with a completely new view point!

Sunny has been a guest on a lot of talk shows. Most of the interviews Sunny has done so far, has revolved around how her life changed from doing adult movies to making her mark in Bollywood. Breaking away from his style of interviewing and the show’s tradition, ArnUb was very sweet with Sunny and acknowledged her services to our nation. Sunny talked about how she has significantly contributed to Bollywood. And, ArnUb went one step further and proved how the projects Sunny has done so far have indeed helped India become great!

ArnUb went on to interpret every popular, foot tapping song that Sunny was picturised in, in an unconventional manner and proved how every time she has worked it has solely been for the country, to make it a better place.

Be it a ‘Baby Doll Mai Sone Di’ or the movie ‘Mastizade’ — ArnUb brought to light Sunny’s undying patriotism to her country!
The one real surprise element in the show was when the anchor asked her to become his sister! But then again, that’s ArnUb for you…

Arunabh Kumar, CEO and Founder of TVF says, “In the last three episodes, we had interviewed Bollywood stars and a politician, but, this time, we wanted to start with a person who doesn’t restrict themselves to a particular talent. Sunny is not only a Bollywood star but an author, a business woman, a social worker, all at the same time.”
Watch Episode #1 of Barely Speaking with Arnub with Sunny Leone here —

In the growing age of digital media where branded online content has taken off in a big way, the silver screen has realised the importance of the web. Barely Speaking with Arnub provides a innovative platform not just to films and filmmakers for their pre-release promotions, but, also to celebrities to showcase their human, more natural side to their fans, not just in India, but across the world!

Created as a parody to a TV talk show, the first season of Barely Speaking with Arnubfeatured leading actors and political icons – from Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh and Parineeti Chopra to the current New Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. The popular online show was built on the same ideology and premise on which TVF was initially created, which was to deliver great and awesome content for its audiences.TVF entered the niche market of online talk shows in 2014 with Barely Speaking with Arnub. The talk show became an instant hit with audiences not just in India, but across the world, with each episode clocking over 2 million views!

At the forefront the web series revolution with India’s two most successful releases, Permanent Roommates & Pitchers, with over 50 million views, The Viral Fever is India’s premier digital entertainment network. Founded by Arunabh Kumar, Creative Experiment Officer (CEO), the company is creating headlines globally and within India, revolutionising the way Indians access entertainment. Loved by India’s youth, TVF is a pioneer in the new genre of online entertainment, with a focus on progressive and new-age content.

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