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Babul Supriyo s TERA SHUKR SHUKR is about traditional bond to the supreme power

Tera Shukr Shukr from Babul Supriyo

The latest devotional video of Babul Supriyo – Tera Shukr Shukr is soul soothing so that the heart can open to the divine.

TIPS MUSIC has come up with BABUL SUPRIYO’S – TERA SHUKR SHUKR thas has been ideally timed to welcome the Festive Season.


Tips Music and Babul Supriyo’s festive release “Tera Shukr Shukr” will light the lamps of knowledge and truth in the hearts and minds of the listeners.

Babul Supriyo expresses his gratitude and credits the almighty for everything pure. He narrates his traditional bond to the supreme power.

The music, composition & lyrics serve as a vehicle for the expression of devotion to the deity and carries a sense of timeless eternal appeal. It is soothing, peaceful & calming.

Kumar Taurani says “We live in a world where we are constantly losing ourselves in the chaos of daily life with no time to thank God for his blessings. Tera Shukr Shukr signifies love, faith & devotion. It is an expression of devotion to God. It does not give momentary pleasure, it makes your soul happy”

Babul Supriyo says “I love the simplicity of the lyrics, music & the video & that’s what connects me to the song. When I have my eyes closed, it’s actually an expression of ‘Shukriya’ to the Supreme Being & not mere acting for the visuals. Singing an integral part of ‘I Me Myself’ & the ability to sing is free gift from God. But neither have I been a religious person nor someone who sang a lot of Bhajans as a singer. So it was very special getting to ‘sing’ a song to express my gratitude for this gift of life. It is our prayer for everyone in these testing times when the ongoing pandemic has hit us with a severe & unprecedented blow affecting every life in some way or the other. Felt great to work with Anu Malikji, Samerji & of course Kumar Tauraniji of Tips Music after along time with whom i have had a very long & successful association as a singer. The Experience was sheer bliss”

Anu Malik says “We thank God for keeping us safe and seek his blessings to guide us through this pandemic. A beautiful song for this festive season to add that extra pinch of merriment to your celebration”

Sameer Anjaan says “The lyrics are very close to my heart. It is not a mere collection of words, it had enormous significance. I wish each and everyone of you a very happy and auspicious festive season”

Singer – Babul Supriyo; Music- Anu Malik; Lyrics – Sameer Anjaan

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