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Anup Jalota sends strong message to save lives at the launch of SAATH music video

Anup Jalota releases music video Saath

Anup Jalota sends strong message to save lives at the launch of SAATH music video

Padmashri Anup Jalota recently launched a motivational music video ‘Saath’ to send a strong message to save lives during the stressed times of Covid 19 pandemic.

F Music Company USA Presents in association with New York Gang Production launched an international music video – Saath – that means togetherness, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic moments. During these devastating times of human losses, many people are separated and left alone due fear of saving their own lives from this deadly virus. To overcome the intricacies of this unknown enemy this music video ‘SAATH’ filmed in New York city of United States of America, is to convey the message to every human to stand united and support each other.

How far would a doting father sacrifice his ethics just for his daughter’s happiness?

Saath comes with a slogan, “Love can win any battle in Life” which has lost between our human kind in course of this Pandemic. SAATH song is beautifully conveyed through this song “what Love stands for?” crafted by beautiful lyrics written by Noohi khan and melodiously sang by Indian Famous Singer Mohammed Irfan, and composed by Rashid Khan. In this music video, Producer and Director Farukh Khan has gracefully created a touching storyline of magnificent magic of LOVE.

Farukh Khan having had an interesting life journey. Growing up he faced hunger, poverty, hardship, and the fear of losing his mother due to health complications, he discovered that the love, support, and patience is the key for any suffering human to overcome any battle in life. Having seen the worse life, Farukh Khan managed to land himself in United States of America where he worked hard in a Restaurant washing dishes and he manages to go to study film making at New York FIlm Academy to become a filmmaker. To spread the goodness of humanity through Films and Music videos. ‘Saath’ is not just a music video, it’s a Project to save life’s” it is a great message for humanity. Do not leave or walk away from your loved ones to die, instead become their strength and light to fight any battle that has been thrown at them during this deadly pandemic lockdown, Farukh Khan was stranded in U.S.A and was not able to visit his family in India, hence he decided to go out of his way to help the needy. He went door to door to drop food and essential necessities to hundreds of families in need when everyone feared for their own life’s. On December 22nd, 2020, he disturbed 500 food gift boxes in the light of Christmas festivities, to which the Honorable Mayor of Houston Mr. Sylvester Turner, Honored Farukh Khan by declaring the Proclamation of December 22nd as “Farukh Khan Day” to be celebrated each year in America for his humanitarian work.

Farukh Khan, who believes “Living for others is the best way of Living” he always looking out for others, He had launched “F Music Company” to give a chance to those who are disabled, helpless and neglected by the industry but are extremely talented. I will produce/direct unique projects for them to give them breaks and showcase their talents in the world he mentioned. In this music video Saath both the actors, Joshua Lihla and Jyoti Mahajan, are based in the US, Joshua who plays the lead despite being handicapped, Farukh khan wants him to become a role model to all the disabled in the world that they are the real star and how he helps his wife to fight Covid-19 through his selfless love and dedication. This music video ‘Saath’ strongly stands for living for other and to serve human beings selflessly, especially our near and dear ones is the best way of living.

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