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Abhay Deol gets into production with ‘One by Two’

Abhay Deol, who turns producer with his forthcoming film “One By Two” has forayed into production for the very first time.

However, the Deol family advised Abhay to not getting into production at such an early stage.

The actor’s family was keen for him to continue with acting and try more films. They were worried about him but at the same time encouraged him to do what he wanted to with their support always being there.

As Abhay has done some quite unique films in past, his performance has always been appreciated by the audience. The actor has attempted on doing different role each time. Manorama six feet under and Dev D are such examples.

Abhay’s family (Dharmendra and Sunny Deol) advised him on focusing on acting at present. But Abhay was quite keen on doing something different with giving a platform to new talent in terms of directors, actors and writers.

He wants to try his hands onto production and continue with acting parallely. The film “One By Two” stars Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai in lead roles. Preeti, who is making her debut with this film, will be seen opposite Abhay for the very first time.

Abhay adds “My family advised me not to get into production. They did not want me to venture into production right now. But producing One By Two has been a great experience with my long time friend Amit Kapoor who has co-produced it and my friend and supporter Sanjay Kapoor”

One By Two, which was initially set to release on 7th Feb, but because brother Sunny Deol’s forthcoming film is also set to release on the same day, Abhay pre-poned the films release.

The films trailer was recently released and has received positive feedback. It is set to hit theaters on 31st January’14.

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