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When Sanjay Dutt made Balraj feel at Ease

Sanjay Dutt and Balraj

Comedy Nights Bachao 2 – Comedy Circus fame, stand-up comedian and host Balraj, is undoubtedly one of the funniest guys in the industry. With shows like ’Entertainment ki Raat’, his witty one liners and chucklesome hosting allured audiences all across. While shooting for the second season of the show (which will air on Colors 21st April on wards), Balraj shot an episode with Sanjay Dutt that gave the chills all through.

Being an ardent fan of Sanjay Dutt since his childhood, Balraj had the jitters. During shoot, observing Balraj’s behaviour while interviewing Dutt, the director of the show Nikul C Desai assured Balraj that there was no need to be so nervous and that he considered this as his own show. Struggling through his distress, Balraj pulled off the shoot with commendable courage and dedication.

“Balraj is a confident man and we have shot various episodes with him where he had interviewed several big stars. But while shooting with Sanjay Dutt it was like a fan moment for him. Knowing his state Sanjay sir himself asked him to take a break and had a short conversation with Balraj. He made Balraj feel comfortable and even started cracking jokes with him. This helped Balraj in a big way and we successfully completed the episode,” said a source.


Commenting on the same, Balraj says ” Sanju baba is that one star whom I’ve admired since I was a teenager and always wanted to have a personality like him. When he got to know that I am nervous, he made me understand that it’s completely normal and had a small conversation with me where he made me feel very comfortable after which we ended up cracking jokes and it was really fun to shoot with such a down to earth personality. The episode has come out in the great way.”

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