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Roohi (2021) movie review
Every once in a while there comes along a movie which is projected to be a much awaited movie but it turns out to be a damp squib. This movie Roohi that is now streaming on Netflix was theatrically released on 11 March 2021. Due to the Pandemic situation, only those films releasing on OTT platforms are being reviewed. Roohi appears to be starting off from where we left off in Stree with Rajkumar Rao again donning a role of a village bumpkin who reports for a fraud type newspaper called something like Jazirabad Jaljala which does'nt even make a wave leave alone a jaljala which means tsunami. Rao is paired with a bumchum in the name of Atthanni or is it Katanni played by an irritating and over the top hamming Varun Sharma, such a waste of his so called acting talents. All through the movie as soon we feel now the story is building up it drops like a tonne of bricks with the two bumpk ....
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Dilwale - movie review
Dilwale is a one-fourth of DDLJ in its name and the entertainment content. A predictable story line, the film relies much on SRK’s shoulders. To make the matters worse, the film’s promos reminisce the viewer of the hit pair of DDLJ and this comparison makes it worse, as the lead couple lacks the freshness and charm of Raj and Simran of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Raj (Shahrukh Khan) gets up from a nightmare from his past. He is a docile do-gooder who resides with his younger brother Veer (Varun Dhawan) on whom he dotes on and would go any distance to keep his wishes as he had promised their father Randhir (Vinod Khanna - a haggard) that he will take good care of him. Raj and Veer are settled in Goa, while the elder bro is easygoing, introvert and philanthropic, his brother is outgoing with a roving eye for all ‘things beautiful’. One day Veer, while on a car delivery bumps i ....
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Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, hindi movie review
It is engraved in SRK’s (Shiv Ram Kishan) fate to get “married by accident”. Usually, people are accident prone, but here is the hero SRK (Kapil Sharma) who is “Marriage Prone”. If this amuses you, then the movie should too. Kapil Sharma, now internationally known as the Comedy King of small screen, debuts in Bollywood with this brainless comedy (reminds one of David Dhawan films). It used to be Govinda who could carry any brain dead scene on his own. Kapil Sharma has flashes of Govinda’s comic timing. Successful suspense-mystery films director duo Abbas Mustan have competently entered the Comedy Genre. If one leaves logic behind at home, one is sure to enjoy this film. Usually wise persons run away from marriage, while in this film our hero – SRK gets married not only once, but thrice and reluctantly in all the three ‘major instances of his life’. It is in his dest ....
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