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Swati Aggarwal to appear in Telugu comedy thriller

Swati Aggarwal Sep2017

Swati Aggarwal is now ready to tickle your funny bones in a Telugu comedy thriller!

Actress Swati Aggarwal, known for her films like Main Krishna Hoon, Zindagi 50 50  and Tomchi is gearing up for her big Telugu release – “Ikkada Evaraina” is a Telugu comedy thriller directed by A Rajhu and produced by Venkat Subramaniyam.

The shooting for the film has already begun and it is expected to release soon. Actress Swati Aggarwal shared, “I am super excited about this role as it also has grey shades apart from being a comedy role. This film is a different experience for me and I am sure this will boost my career graph in a big way.”

Born to a Marwadi family, Swati Aggarwal has lived her primary life in Kolkatta.  Since childhood, she has participated in several Bengali stage-dramas like Sindoor and Tumi Ekla Palao to mention a few.

Following her passion for theater, Swati has also acted in many plays in Kolkatta. One more important information about her, this lady also holds degree in MBA & Hotel Management.

Apart from that, Swati can verse well in several languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu & Rajasthani. 

A Tajhu
Ikkada Evaraina
Swati Aggarwal
Telugu comedy thriller
Venkat Subramaniyam

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