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Shaan launches Hiroo Thadani’s Unko Apne Kareeb Dekha Tha

Unko Apne Kareeb dekha tha

Versatile singer Shaan launched the music video – Unko Apne Kareeb dekha tha, that is sung by Hiroo Thadani.

The single is produced by Maaya S of Rolling Panda Entertainment and the video features Hiroo Thadani which also has popular Television actress Actor Puja Joshi.

Directed by Roop, this beautiful soundtrack Unko Apne Kareeb dekha tha is composed by Arbind & Lyton, penned by Late Madhosh Bilgrami and it is sure to take you on a dreamy trance. Zee Music company has released this single.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hiroo Thadani, he rose from being a Sales Representative to become Sales Manager of a Petroleum company. This corporate personality is also an artist who rose to prominence with his previous single ‘Sun To Zara’.

The melody and simplicity in the depiction of romance of Hirooji’s songs becomes truly relevant in the current era of Rap culture.
After the success of ‘Sun To Zara’ he came up with ‘Tum Jaan Ho Meri’ and now we have “Unko Apne Kareeb dekha tha”.

Looks like this Corporate Manager is likely to be featured as a playback singer in Bollywood films very soon. As he puts it, “There is no age to carry out any kind of work related to art. Creativity is always young and it never sleeps.”

No wonder there is absolute magical attraction in his personality. The age in which people talk about relaxation and retirement, Hiroo Thadani talks about Gymming, singing and acting!

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