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Pearl Grey’s ‘Doli Armaano Ki’ celebrates 260 episodes


Doli Armaano Ki – the show on ZEE TV completed a year of its telecast, which comes to 260 episodes hence the makers of the show Pear Grey and her production house Spellbound Productions hosted a bash at Villa 69 in Juhu, North Mumbai, to celebrate the success of the show.

As expected, the cast of Doli Armaano Ki came in a little late due to their shoot schedules, and as if to compensate for their delayed entry, they stayed on that much longer to make up for it.

Gorgeous Pearl Grey, the producer of the television series was amongst the first to arrive and greet all the guests Mohit Malik and Neha Marda look absolutely comfortable in each others company and Mohit’s wife Neha was also seen bonding with the entire team.

Guddi Maruti kept everyone in splits of laughter and Urvashi Dholakia who is Pearl’s personal friend also seemed to make the entry.

Pearl Grey, the producer has been around since 19 years in the industry. Started her career as a Writer, then as a Fiction head with ZEE programming, it was the daily soap ‘Pratigya’ which established her in the TV industry.


Pearl speaks to FILMY TOWN:

Pearl Grey
Pearl Grey, the producer of Doli Armaano Ki

Doli is about a girl Urmi (Neha Marda), who dreams of getting married in ideal Hindustani marriage rituals and ceremonies, and she doesn’t dream anything big, but yearns for an ideal husband, lead a happy, peaceful and a loving married family.

Could you describe the psyche of Samrat, the antagonist in the serial.
Neha’s husband in Doli Armaano Ki is Samrat (Mohit Malik), who is virtually like that of a dog (kutta in the metaphorical sense). ‘The Dog in the Manger’ is the right analogy to describe this wicked husband. Samrat is not the kind of a person any woman would want to have as her husband. (Personally I feel dogs are more honest and faithful than humans.

Is he actually so bad?
He is a shameless guy, who cheats on his wife, brutally beating her, abuses her. But the day Neha comes to know that he is cheating on her, she decides to take things right on.

Does the theme have any parallels from your personal life?
Yes the story is somewhat reminiscent of my personal experiences as I too come from a small town, Jhansi and have graduated from Allahabad.

Even I had high dreams like that of Neha, of a nice marriage and lead a goody goody married life. Unfortunately, there was something else in my destiny, and the marriage did not work out.

Why does a girl always have to go through adjustments after a marriage? Doesn’t she also have a right to be happy?

What makes you sit and think of penning a drama for television?
Any topic which can covey a message. All my genres are the same, like having a realistic approach, touching social responsibilities.
What are your future plans?
I always yearn to portray realistic issues, contemporary ideologies which blend into our Indian traditions.

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