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Singham Returns – Movie Review

The Lion roars again, fights against corrupt politicians


Singham Returns

A sequel to the 2011 hit film Singham, the honest & fearless cop Bajirao Singham returns to Mumbai being a DCP Mumbai Police.

The dauntless lion is now ready to roar again and facing new adversities & challenges that cross his path to test his integrity and valor.

Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn), an honest and a fearless police officer now a DCP in Mumbai Police, is an epitome of courage, integrity having always stood up to fight against injustice to eradicate the weeds of the society.

While on duty once, he nabs the offender group of youngsters on motorbikes, yet frees them without framing charges against them, with just a warning, since he felt that once an innocent youth is put behind the bars, it leads to breeding a criminal.

The story jumps into action when a police constable from Singham’s squad is found dead having scampered away holding enormous sum of money and is charged of being corrupt. As the story unravels, Singham begins a quest to track a black marketeer with tremendous influence within the political system.

Guruji (Anupam Kher), a righteous politician and Singham’s teacher intends to change the society for the better but faces death threats from Baba’s (Amole Gupte) goons. Unruffled and least perturbed by the death threat, Guruji’s a man of his word and lays ground for his party candidates to fight the elections with his complete support.

Baba (Amol Gupte), is a mastermind planner hiding behind the robes of a revered saint who already has a history of being a black marketer. Having goons spread across a robust interconnected network at his disposal, his extreme influence on the Indian political system corrupts the judiciary internally.

This  is assisted by Prabhakar Rao (Zakir Hussain), a powerful politician, who questions & challenges the integrity of the police when a police constable of Singham’s squad is found dead with huge amount of money. This indirect accusation rages Singham and he takes it upon himself to unearth the truth.

During this blockbuster journey, DCP Singham fights these influential rogues in the system with utmost honesty, courage & diligence.

Having the full law enforcement system backing him, Singham now faces a grave task to fight the extremely powerful rogues of the political system who challenge the judiciary while disrupting law & order. With the love and respect that he earned, the complete law enforcement supports him throughout his ordeals.

Then, there is a lively character in Singham’s life – Avni (Kareena Kapoor Khan), a happy – go – lucky Maharashtrian lady owning a salon. Dreaming of setting up wide network of franchises of her salon, she is peculiar character that has a huge apetite for food, and apart from being his childhood friend, she is Singham’s love interest in denial and lends him moral support during his ordeals.

She is a fun loving drama queen who albeit surprised of being called as “Lady Singham” proudly wears it on her a like a badge.

Daya (Dayanand Shetty), a police officer of a herculean built is a part of Singham’s brigade, a close confidant, is fully aware of the wrongdoings happening around, he offers support and advice to Singham in tough times. And ofcourse, is always more than happy to fulfill Singham’s command ‘Daya, darwaza todh do’.

With catchy one-liners penned by Sajid-Farhad, this time, Bajirao Singham, stationed in Mumbai, takes on the challenges in the city as the DCP. The film has a universal appeal and shares an emotional bond with the masses!

Its prequel, Singham had received huge adulation from the police force for highlighting their efforts in being instrumental forces in the betterment of the country. And now with the franchise being taken forward Singham Returns highlights some of most current and deep rooted issues, the aam aadmi faces today!

A power packed performance from the favorite cop Bajirao Singham, the film is an outright action packed entertainer from the powerful hit duo Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty. Kareena Kapoor play the love interest of Ajay Devgn along with other talented cast such as Amole Gupte, Mahesh Manjrekar, Anupam Kher and many more.

The lion roars again, this time with superb action scenes picturised at different locales in Mumbai. It was ‘Aata majhi satakli’ then, and now its ‘Aata tumchi baari aahe. Ulti ginti ginna chalu karo..’

While Singham exceeded all expectations and was a critical and commercial hit, Rohit Shetty understands the pulse of aam janta and successfully takes the franchise forward with Singham Returns.

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Ajay Devgn as DCP Bajirao Singham
Kareena Kapoor Khan as Avni
Amole Gupte as Baba (Swamiji)
Dayanand Shetty as Inspector Daya
Anupam Kher as Guruji
Sameer Dharmadhikari
Zakir Hussain as Prabhakar Rao (Politician)
Sharat Saxena as Commisioner of Police, Mumbai
Mahesh Manjrekar as Chief Minister and Guruji’s ally

Credits & Crew:
Banner – Ajay Devgn Films, Rohit Shetty Productions
Produced by Reliance Entertainment, Ajay Devgan, Rohit Shetty
Directed by Rohit Shetty
Written by Sajid-Farhad
Screenplay by Yunus Sajawal
Story by Rohit Shetty
Starring: Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Amole Gupte
Music by Jeet Gannguli, Ankit Tiwari, Meet Bros Anjjan, Yo Yo Honey Singh
Cinematography – Dudley

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