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Muzaffarnagar- The Burning Love (movie review)

Inspired by true events of Muzaffarnagar in 2013


Muzaffarnagar 2013 the movie

Muzaffarnagar –The Burning Love is based in Morna, a village in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Range Shooter Dev Malik (Dev Sharma) arrives in his home town to spend his vacation along with his family.

However, a land mafia Jodha Singh creates mischief for the entire village and faces strong opposition from Dev and his family. Dev takes on the local goons who have terrorized the villagers, which makes him the marked one by the head of this group (Anil George).

At the same time, Dev falls in love with Sara (Aishwarya Devan) who comes from a liberal Muslim family who aspires to join the IPS. Sara’s family have given her all the freedom to choose her career. Also it was not easy for Dev to win her heart as he ‘stalked’ her and had to work hard to earn the same feelings from her, like he had fallen in love with her.

Dev is not determined to fight back and protect the ones he loves – his family as well as the girl he is in love.

Meanwhile, like as politicians usually resort to for their ulterior design like diverting the minds of the electorate and hence the communal riots incited by the manipulative ones create havoc in the lives of Dev, Sara, and the other villagers. Dev gets trapped by Jodha Singh. Such a pity that such tactics are still effectively employed in the name of caste differentiation.

This film is inspired by the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013 which are supposedly still referred to as the worst violence in the history of Uttar Pradesh state.

Muzaffarnagar- The burning Love has beautifully captured the details of Muzaffarnagar of the years gone by.

Dev Sharma
Aishwarya Devan
Anil George
Mursaleen Qureshi

Banner – Morna Entertainment
Directed by – Harish Kumar
Produced by – Manoj Kumar Mandi
Music by – Faraaz Ahmed, Manoj Nayan, rahul bhat
Singer – Mohit Chauhan( dekte hi fida ho gaya song)
Nakash Aziz( majnu song)
Ritu Pathak( champa chameli song)
Deepali Sathe ( salamat rakhna song)
Muzaffarnagar- The Burning Love, movie review

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