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Mr White Mr Black – movie review

A me too adventure comedy Bollywood film


Mr White Mr Black

Three cool women led by the go-getter Sandhya Mridul, Australian beauty Tania Zaetta and Miss Thailand Kamala Ning, highjack a truck which carries some diamonds and succeed in carrying off a complex diamond heist, in the process they kill the guards and the police escort. A well done action sequence in Mr White Mr Black, though appear to be “inspired” by the stunts of Matrix. This is the opening sequence in the film and the most impressive too.

Suffering a heart-attack one morning, on his birthday, Joymohan (Anupam Kher) a professor in Kolkata, realizes that he needs to spend more time with his family. This incident prompts him to move to Mumbai to be with his son (Rajit Kapoor), daughter-in-law Rita (Divya Dutta) and grand-daughter Gargi (Avika Gor) and mend broken bridges of the past.

Gopi (Suniel Shetty) a simple man arrives in Goa from his far away home town in order to hand over a plot of land to his childhood friend Kishen (Arshad Warsi), as it was the last wish of his father. Kishen is a known conman, who swindles people with help from his accomplice Babu (Atul Kale). He does this to pay for the education of his sibling Divya (Mahima Mehta) who is studying in London. Kishen convincingly also lies to his girlfriend Anuradha (Rashmi Nigam) and insists that its his twin brother who does the swindling jobs all time.

Gopi is a Hanuman devotee also has a heart of gold. Though Kishan is a conman, he too is not bad at heart. In the first half of the film, Kishen avoids Gopi since he doesn’t want to give up his flourishing business (con jobs) and go to Hoshiyarpur just for a small plot of land. Gopi gets a helping hand from Tanya (Anishka Khosla), who is the daughter of the owner of KG Resorts in his task of chasing Kishen. During the course, the relationship changes, and now Gopi and Kishan become good friends – but have more adventures ahead.

Now remember the diamond heist taken place in the beginning? The three beautiful women are stuck up at the same KG Resorts with diamonds worth Crores of Rupees. The diamonds belong the the don Ashish Vidyarthi, and now everyone comes to know about it, and they rush towards the resort in a mad chase. Gopi finds himself involved in the proceedings.

Who does get the diamonds ultimately? Does Gopi get hold of Kishen and is able to take him to Hoshiyarpur? The movie also has Atul Kale, Vrajesh Hirjee, Rashmi Nigam, Ashish Vidyarthi, Anuradha, Anishka Khosla, and Sharat Saxena..

The director attempts to make it Mr White Mr Black an interesting, good entertainer worth watching with family as well. Not a great film since there is more of drama involved and less of comedy in this film. There are a few witty moments and some funny gags in the movie, but they are too few to make any overall impact.

Whatever the few genuine comic situations, Arshad Warsi is in his element here, and steals the show. Suniel Shetty is not so impressive. It appears that the 3 women from the beginning scene and the 2 girl friends of our heroes are in this film just as glamorous props. Ashish Vidyarti as the melodramatic don tries to be hilarious but in his bid to be funny, he overacts. The film’s music is average. The only good number is Samandar.

Mr Deepak Shivdasani, seems directionless in this mindless caper, which is being projected as a comedy, which Mr White Mr Black it isn’t anything near it.

CAST of Mr White Mr Black:
Gopi – Sunil Shetty
Kishen – Arshad Warsi
Tanya – Anishka Khosla
Anuradha – Rashmi Nigam
Divya – Mahima Mehta
Sandhya Mridul, Tania Zaetta, Kamala Ning
Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Deep Dhillon, Vrajesh Hirjee, Manoj Joshi, Atul Kale, Shehzad Khan
Kiran Kumar, Sharat Saxena, Upasna Singh,
Ashish Vidyarthi

CREDITS & CREW of Mr White Mr Black:
Produced by Bipin H. Shah
Directed by Deepak S. Shivdasani
Writing credits – Deepak S. Shivdasani
Screenplay & Dialogues – Nishikant Kamat, Sanjay Pawar
Original Music by Jatin Pandit (as Jatin-Lalit)
Shamir Tandon
Cinematography by Thomas A. Xavier
Film Editing by Steven Bernard
Mr White Mr Black, movie review