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College Campus – movie review

College drama about its wayward students


College Campus - movie review

Directed by Atul and produced by his brother Amit Shrivastav, College Campus is about the wayward students in a college campus. This is one college, where its students don’t care a damn about studies, and so it faces a survival crisis when college’s land lease ends. College Campus movie review…

Shot in the campus of Atharva College, in Ratnagiri, Govind Namdeo is a Retd. Colonel and principal of the college who wants to change the bad image of his college. Mushtaque Khan is playing the chaprasi.

This is one college where students do not attend classes at all. Instead, they do all the bad things like consuming liquor and drugs, or fighting among themselves. Sincere efforts of the college principal Govind Namdeo fail to discipline the students.

Taking advantage of this reputation of the state of affairs in the college, its land owner played by Mohan Joshi who has given his land to the college on lease strikes a deal with a private developer and wants to sell off the college land. It is simple that he wants to have his land back easily as the lease is coming to an end.

The businessman also involves a needy girl in an MMS scandal, so as to tarnish the image of the college as it is it was under controversy.
A local police officer (Mukesh Rishi) who sympathizes with the students becomes aware about the plan and so he persuades the principal to take matters in his own hands, to save the college.

Facing closure, all the students forget their differences and support the principal. They even sit on a dharna outside the college in spite of a court order ending the land lease. Mohan Joshi’s daughter played by Ramneetu Chaudhri is also a student who is introduced as heroine in this film.

The businessman arrives with police and the court order.

What happens thereafter and whether the principal manage to save the college, and most importantly what happens to the wayward students?
The climax of College Campus answers these questions.

Seasoned actors Mukesh Rishi, Govind Namdev, Mushtaque Khan and Mohan Joshi have carried the film on their shoulders. Jaya Prada, in a special appearance, does a fair job.

There is one memorable number by Udit Narayan in “Ishq Mein Rusvaai Bhi manzoor Hai” and one by Sunidhi Chauhan. Surprisingly, its editing by Govind Dalwadi is above par.

The script of this film College Campus – has a message that if the misguided students get proper guidance from the elders and if the power system also understands their problems, then the new India will have a good time in the future.

Cast of College Campus:
Jaya Prada – Special Apperance
Mohan Joshi – Businessman
Ramnitu Chaudhry – student
Mukesh Rishi – Police Officer
Govind Namdev – Principal
Tej Sapru
Milind Gunaji
Mushtaq Khan
Ashraf Khan

Credits & Crew of College Campus:
Director – Atul
Producer – Amit Shrivastav
Banner – Vidya Movies
Music Director – Atul
Story Writer – Bhooshan Kumar
Lyricist: Saahil Sultanpuri, Rakesh Nirala, Kishor Chanchal
Cinematography – Nazir Khan
Editor – Govind Dalwadi
Art Director – Babloo Gupta
Action Director – Gurubachan Singh
Sound Designer – Satish Sawant
Choreographer – Jojo Khan, Dilip Mistry, James, Sailesh Kohli
College Campus – movie review