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Chillar Party – movie review

In a world where reason outweighs emotions, the kids teach us to feel... rather than think


Chillar Party - movie review

Chillar Party is a wonderful Bollywood children’s film directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl. It is produced by Salman Khans SKBH Productions (Salman Khan Being Human Productions). Chillar Party movie review…

The child-artists have some funny nicknames such as Silencer, Aflatoon, Shaolin, etc. And it also features Ranbir Kapoor in an item-number – ‘Tai Tai Phiss’.

It is a film about a gang of innocent but feisty children who lead a carefree and fun filled life in Chandan Nagar colony. Chillar party refers to a bunch of kids who are residents of a society named as Chandan Nagar in Mumbai. They are mischievous but are tolerated by the society members who adore them.

One day, an orphan Fatka (Irrfan Khan) enters the society with his dog Bhidu. Initially the resident kids has problems with the newcomers but soon, are accepted as friends and they become an inseparable part of Chillar Party.

It so happens that when the state minister comes for the inauguration of a playground, where his secretary is bitten by the dog – Bhidu. So the minister passes a law that requires street dogs that have no “N.O.C” from the society else they will be thrown out of Mumbai.

The film is about how the Chiller Party saves Bhidu and how they dodge from the Dog Van of the Municipal Corporation.

The lives of these children get difficult when Bheedu’s life is endangered, thanks to the mean politician. Together, they fight the big bad world of politics and show that even kids can move mountains.

In a world where reason outweighs emotions, Chillar Party teaches everyone to feel rather than think. They prove that what seems to be right is not always right.

About the child artistes all of them make a debut in Bollywood. Naman Jain acts brilliantly and gives the best performance. Irrfan Khan is very realistic. Chinmai Chandranshuh and Sanath Menon act well. Shashank Shende is impressive the scheming politician who is detested by the kids.

Chillar Party is not just for kids, but particularly for grownups as well. It not only entertains, has a good story and has a message for the society. It is an enjoyable emotional and a fun film. It does not have the gloss of Hollywood kid films nor the ones on Cartoon Channels. It has mature subject with kids and entertains the family.

It is a small film with a big heart which brilliantly illustrates the innocence of the kids (Chiller Party).

Cast of Chillar Party:
Irrfan Khan – Fatka
Raju – Bheedu
Sanath Menon – Arjun (Encyclopedia)
Rohan Grover – Akram
Naman Jain – Balwan (Jhangiya)
Aarav Khanna – Aflatoon
Vishesh Tiwari – Secondhand
Chinmai Chandranshuh – Lucky (Panauti)
Shreya Sharma – Toothpaste
Divji Handa – Shaolin
Vedant Desai – Silencer
Ranbir Kapoor in a Special Appearance

CREDITS & CREW of Chillar Party:
Banner – Salman Khan Productions
Director – Nitesh Tiwari, Vikas Bahl
Produced – Ronnie Screwvala, Salman Khan
Screenplay – Vijay Maurya
Story – Nitesh Tiwari, Vikas Bahl
Music by Amit Trivedi
Chillar Party – movie review