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Still a part of film fraternity, but now it’s on a global level, says Reeth Mazumder

Reeth Mazumder

Reeth Mazumder, known for her Bollywood debut in ‘A Scandall’ has a couple of years back moved across seven seas to North America as she was not satisfied with other filmy offers after her work in the Bollywood flick and then a Bengali film.

Reeth stirred quite a few waves with her character in the movie Scandal. She felt she was typecast, and she was being offered raunchy-comedy genre movies. She chooses not to indulge and decided to carve her niche. Reeth tells FILMY TOWN that she always wanted to be part of meaningful cinema, and she is on the quest for it. She has been an ardent student of cinema. She is currently working behind-the-scenes and taking care of her passion for being associated with cinema.

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FILMY TOWN spoke to Reeth Mazumder, and here is what she had to say, “I love films, and that is something I am going to be associated with forever. There is so much more than just performance that’s required in Bollywood. It kills an actor’s joy to be versatile. Be it camps, nepotism, or most importantly, being typecast based on your last release. These are quite a few issues plaguing the industry.”

When we asked her if she has decided to quit Bollywood altogether, she replied, “No I haven’t. So if tomorrow you see me acting or directing a series in India, don’t be surprised. That’s why I say I haven’t quit. I only moved a billion steps closer to my goal. I am still a part of the fraternity, but it’s more global now. I definitely miss delivering Hindi and Bengali dialogues and maybe dancing to songs.”

When asked about her wishlist of directors, Reeth Mazumder replied, “Some excellent filmmakers are constantly making good cinema. I wish to work with them in the near future—directors like Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, and Kaushik Ganguly.”

Reeth Mazumder is currently writing a feature for a former CBC Producer and working on a limited series with a German Historian.

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