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Kajal Maheriya’s magical adaption of Radha Krishna with Maro Bhagwan Jaane

Kajal Maheriya's magical adaption of Radha Krishna with Maro Bhagwan Jaane

The adaptation of eternal love story of Radha Krishna is brought to you by Saregama with the release of Maro Bhagwan Jaane by Kajal Maheriya.

Who hasn’t heard of the dreamy love story of Radha Krishna? Considered as one of the greatest of all times, this tale is eternal and sublime. However, not every love story meets a happy ending, but when the right one comes along, it’s all worth the wait. Saregama Gujarati’s new song – Maro Bhagwan Jaane , sung by the supremely talented Kajal Maheriya, brings out this adaptation beautifully.

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After conquering hearts and charts with back-to-back hits with Ravi-Rahul, Kajal along with the duo is back again to showcase the power of love and longing, through this latest creation. Featuring a powerhouse of talent like Kinjal Patel, Janak Zala, Gopal Raval, Kavya Panchal, Vina Tank, Saregama’s Maro Bhagwan Jaane is sure to speak to your heart.

Commenting on the launch, Kajal said, “This song is an ode to the eternal love story of Radha- Krishna. I have always been fascinated by the tale of epic love, and I decided to do an adaptation of it, to suit our times. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are soulful and talk of the varied colours of love. It’s a special song and I hope my fans shower it with love.

Catch this all-new track only on Saregama Gujarati:

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