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Doctor turns into a film producer – GHADBAD JHAALI !

Ghadbad Jhaali music launch

Music release of Marathi film GHADBAD JHAALI

It is actually Ghadbad Jhaali (Chaos amidst comedy) when a well known Doctor takes a step into producing a feature film. “I have treated patients for so many years, but there is an age old adage – LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE and I subscribe to that view,” replied Dr Jitendra Rathod when Filmy Town asked him why does an established doctor think of making films.

“Since several years I have noticed the lifestyle of our Mumbaikars becoming so mechanical that it is impossible for the people to sit aside and relax… have some fun and laughter. This phenomenon is becoming extinct from our lifestyles, specially the city based residents. For years I have been thinking of easing the lifestyle of my patients as well as reminding them of the deep rooted Indian culture of respecting our parents and elders in the family,” spoke Dr Jitendra Rathod at the music launch of his hilarious Marathi film at Kohonoor Hotel in Prabhadevi in Mumbai.

“Youngsters of this generation are just aping the western lifestyle and are taking their parents, grand parents for granted. This is not our Indian culture. Ghadbad Jhaali carries this message for loving your parents and elders,” he added.

Ghadbad Jhaali is produced by Dr Jitendra Rathod, co-produced by Ramesh Roshan and directed by writer-director Santram.

Highlight of the evening was that instead of a filmy celebrity, the PRO of this film Rajoo Kariya decided to hold a raffle and requested the female lead of this film Neha Ghadre to pick a name and she picked senior journalist Mr Jyothi Venkatesh, veteran journo who completes 45 years in film journalism,

Lead actor of GHADBAD JHAALI, Rajesh Shringarpure remarked, “I have played different genres in my past films but working for this light-hearted comedy film is equally close to my heart as comedy requires extra efforts of timing and right emotions. Doing comedy isn’t a cakewalk as most of us feel.” Rajesh Shringarpure is well known for his negative role in Sarkar Raj (2008) apart from several Hindi, Marathi and Hollywood films.

Neha Gadre who plays the female lead in the film said, “The entire plot of Ghadbad Jhaali revolves around a small misunderstanding which blooms into confusion, chaos and comedy that originates due to negligence of Preeti’s character that is played be me.”

Other artistes in the film are Usha Nadkarni, Harsha Gupte, Vikas Patil, Sanjay Mophite, Harsha Gupte, Pramod Shindew, Harshi, Niranjan Nalavade and Mohan Joshi.

Chetna is the choreographer while the co-producer Ramesh Roshan has scored the music for the film.

Sandeep Shinde is the DOP for the film, Prashant Naik is the Action Master, Pappu Raj is the art director while Ajay Singh Malla is the production controller. Mangesh Kangane, Yatin Trimbakkar and Yogiraj Mane have written the lyrics while the songs have been crooned by Swapnil Bandodkar, Adarsh Shinde, Reshma Sonawane, Om Jha, Vaishali Mahadik, Suvarbna Dutta and Khsuhboo.

The music of Ghadbad Jhaali is being released by Zee Music and the film releases this summer.

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