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Aahana Kumra’s look designed by Celebrity Stylist and make-up artist Neha Adhvik Mahajan

Neha Adhvik Mahajan designs Aahana Kumra's looks

Have fun while you work! As people say and that is exactly what the Stylist and make up artist Neha Adhvik Mahajan has recorded fun activities while glamming up film and TV artist Aahana Kumra during the designing of her look and outfits.

The list is endless as Stylist and makeup artist Neha Adhvik Mahajan has been glamming up the designing and styling scene. She has a makeover company called the NAM makeovers and they specialize in bridal makeovers. Neha has been giving bridal makeovers to high-end clients and actresses which are covered for quite some time across media. While the make up and the styling is designed by Neha, her forte is to design a complete look for brides and she has been nailing it. This shoot has been a great exhibition of make up and styling an entire look.

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FilmyTown got in touch with Neha and this is what she had to say, “The Aahana Kumra shoot was really fun. We had a ball of a time. I have taken inspiration from various sources and timelines to design the look. She was really happy and the results were actually breathtakingly good. So that’s one huge checklist ticked as I designed the look and the make up. I have been designing for quite some time now. My designs have a lot of inspiration from my childhood and early life. It’s got a lot of old-world charm mixing it with the modern times. Hence they appeal to the audience and by the grace of God I have been receiving a lot of love for the work.”

Neha Adhvik Mahajan’s work has been covered in leading magazines. So far so good and there are bigger plans ahead which she would announced to the media eventually.

The outfits of Aahana Kumra’s shoot were done by the mother-daughter duo of Reynu Tandon and Nikhita Tandon and the photography was by the celebrated photographer Amit Khanna. These were some spectacular looks and great make up just as expected by Neha Adhvik Mahajan.

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