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Vipul Bhatt's charity work

Actor’s counsellor Vipul Bhatt now provides Daily Auditions update to actors and from the subscription amount so collected, Bhatt does charity of an altogether different kind. . Vipul Bhatt has been in the Bollywood industry since around 2007, having done innumerable characters in films, serials, Television commercials and theatre. Through these years, Vipul Bhatt realized of the frauds operating rampantly…

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Vipul Bhatt Actors Counsellor

Having an experience of two decades in Television, advertising and films, character actor Vipul Bhatt conveys his experience as an actor and exercises his wisdom in counselling thousands of strugglers not only in the Mumbai’s filmy town but from remotest corners of India who nurture a dream to make a mark in Bollywood. Teacher turned actor turned an actor’s councilor,…

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