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Himmatwala is the official remake of the 1983 film of the same name , which was directed by directed by K. Raghavendra Rao and had Jeetendra and Sridevi in leading roles. This 2013 action comedy film is directed by Sajid Khan and features Ajay Devgan and Tamannaah in the lead roles. The story begins with Ravi (Ajay Devgn) shown as a street fighter who then learns about his widowed mother and sister who are shown to be in dire straits in his native village. Ravi embarks on a tran to Ramnagar where he is greeted by a peculiar ticket collector cum station master who is shocked to note that he is the first passenger in so many years to get down at the station. Ravi has come to avenge his father’s death and to get his father’s name cleared of the mud slinging done by the sarpanch (Head or mukhia) of the village - Sher Singh (Mahesh Manjrekar). It so happens that the Sarpanc ....
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Mumbai Mirror hindi movie review
There was an era in Mumbai when there used to be dance bars flourishing at almost every corner or a busy junction. The owners of these bars used this business to grease the cops and the civic administration. Mumbai Mirror - movie review... At times the business tilted towards sleaze and this is when an upright police officer is posted in Mumbai who cracks down the nexus between the bar-owners and the police force. He is now bent up ....
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