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Shahid Mallya records first song for ‘Jacqueline I am coming’

Jacqueline I am coming song recording

Heartthrob of the young generation, Shahid Mallya the most loved singer has recently sung ‘Shikwa Na Shikayat’ for upcoming Hindi film ‘Jacqueline I am coming’.

A start to end shooting schedule of this film should commence in October and planned to be shot widely across Bhopal and other parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Today was the first song recording which is composed by Sukumar Dutta. Infact this song has been the Muhurat song for the film which was recorded in the studios of T-Series.

The smiley Shahid Mallya said, “I am very happy to sing a beautiful song like this. I hope people will like the song which has loads of emotions and feelings. Apart from the song, the subject of the film is extremely interesting.”
Director Pinku Dubey added, “Jacqueline I am coming is a matured love story and I am sure that everyone will relate to the true love shown in the film. It’s an old age love story which has been very few in Indian Cinema.”
Writer-Director Pinku Dubey & Producer Manish Giri were present at the occasion.

Says Pinku, “‘Jacqueline I am coming’ has aged couples in a matured love story which should provide entertainment as well as carry a message for the people”.

Having a wide experience in advertising and Television films and been a script writer for several films, some notable works by Pinku Dubey are ‘Attention’ and a short film ‘Chor’.

This film is a sweet love story which will surely touch everyone’s hearts.

The film will begin to shoot in Madhya Pradesh soon. Dhananjay Giri is the co-producer of the film while Banty Dubey is the Creative Director & Rajeev Tiwary is the Executive Producer.

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