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Mumbai Achievers Award for Kate Sharma

Kate Sharma Bollywood actress

Kate Sharma has been felicitated with the Mumbai Achievers Award 2021 for some incredible performances this year. She is one of those bright up-coming fresh talent those have been identified with the Bollywood fans in the megacity.

Kate Sharma has been on the accelerator pedal this year with some memorable and interesting projects up her sleeves. She has entertained us all and had captured the imagination of the audience.

How far would a doting father sacrifice his ethics just for his daughter’s happiness?

From being a social media star to making it to the big screen, this girl has seen it all. She has been awarded the Mumbai Achievers Award 2021 and rightly so. This is great validation for the hard word that Kate has put forward to bring her A-game each day, day in and day out.

Kate looked absolutely stunning the even as she adorned a green dress. No one can carry that one as she did. We caught her for a few words and here is what that lovely Kate has to say.

Here’s how it goes, “A huge thank you to the entire team of the Mumbai Achievers Award 2021 for giving me this award. It fills me with immense confidence to keep doing what I am doing. The feedback from the audience has been humbling off late. That’s all I need.”

“The love of the audience is everything and as actors, that’s one thing we all require. This award is a promise to keep doing more and to keep pushing my boundaries to bring quality entertainment. The virus is still not gone and we can’t be taking the foot of the pedal. Let’s get vaccinated and prepare for and be ready beforehand and maintain all protocols. Love and light to each one,” Kate added.

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