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Waarrior Savitri – movie review

Modern Adaptation of the Legend of Satyavaan-Savitri


Waarrior Savitri, movie review

Niharica Raizada’s action scenes are the highlights of this film which is a modern-day adaption of the fable in the Mahabharata about Satyavan Savitri.

The fable says that Savitri is cursed since her childhood that whoever she marries, her husband would die. Defying destiny, Savitri undertakes various tough ‘vrats’ and emerges successful in dodging Yamraj (Lord of Death) eventually managing to evade her husband’s death and the couple lead a happy mortal life thereafter.

Waarrior Savitri is written and directed by Param Gill. The film stars the debutante Niharica Raizada, grand daughter of legendary music composer O P Nayyar and Rajat Barmecha of ‘Udaan’ fame who plays Satya (Satyavan) supported by veteran actors Om Puri who plays Yamraj and Gulshan Grover.

Since her childhood, this girl Savitri is cursed that she won’t have a happy married life with her husband who would die after her marriage.

This girl learns various forms of self defense and lethal martial arts which could prevent her from any harm.

Hence Savitri marries Satya against her father’s wishes, despite the family guru (astrologer) warning her that whosoever she marries, the groom would die soon after their marriage.

Satya and Savitri get married in a temple and go to Las Vegas where Satya has his own enemies who are out to decimate Satya and his father (Gulshan Grover) who own a Casino, but are in huge debts.

There are several attempts to kill Satya and on each occasion Savitri sees Yamraj on each spot where she reasons out with him and manages to convince him to grant some more time for her husband.

While Om Puri plays Yamraaj we have an all international star cast top lined by the sensuous UK model and actress Lucy Pinder, Tim Man and Ron Smoorenburg.

The film has a unique subject that of an old fable which has been blended in modern times and it could have been a much slicker film had the editing been better as in the second half, time and again the scenes look hurriedly patched up and lacks the core of the subject.

On the positive side, Waarrior Savitri has high octane action sequences and its raw energy for which the credit goes to the lead actress who is actually convincing as the martial arts hero.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Niharica Raizada as Savitri
Lucy Pinder as Candy
Rajat Barmecha as Satya
Om Puri as Yamraj
Gulshan Grover as Satya’s Dad
Tim Man as The Monk
Ron Smoorenburg as Mani John
Karamveer Choudhari as Panditji
Sheetal Sharma as Savitri’s Friend
Aditya Raj Kapoor as Thakur – Savitri’s Father
Palak J. Jhaveri as Baby Savitri

Banner: Dr Bob’s Production
Producer: Upender Maheshwari & Bobby Kanda
Distributor: Manoj Nandwana, Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited
Director: Param Gill
Written By: Param Gill
Choreographer: Jayesh Pradhan
Costume Designers: Sabyasachi Gupta & Bhavika Chavda
Editor : Sandeep Francis
Cinematography: Kabir Lal & Syed Shaid Lal
Action: David Bueno
Shooting Locations: Jodhpur , Mumbai , Las Vegas
Media Relation: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media
Waarrior Savitri, movie review