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Missing on a Weekend – Hindi movie review

A gripping crime drama


Missing on a Weekend, hindi movie review

A Weekend in Goa with friends is a dream but what when they go missing? Precisely, this is what this well made investigative thriller is about. What would you do if you discover when someone dies and the rest are missing…

Here is one film – a realistic investigative crime thriller laced with a suspense!

Welcome to Bollywood Mr Abhishek Jawkar, the director of this slick thriller.

7 friends from Delhi embark on a weekend Birthday celebration of one of the guys. There are 4 males and 3 females. Once they reach Goa, its fun, beaches and booze. The same evening party time and amidst the fun times, the Birthday boy attempts to get physical with a female and things take an ugly turn.

The next day Laksh (Karan Hariharan) finds himself in a Police Station being investigated by the new undercover Inspector Ali Ansari (Pavan Malhotra) at the Calangute Police Station. Laksh is totally unaware about rest of his friends.

Being framed for murder of his friends, Laksh himself is unaware about what really happened that weekend.

Inspector Ansari has been given 48 hours to conclude his investigations else he will be shunted out of the case which would be closed with Laksh having being framed murder charges of all his friends.

This top cop from the CBI has the task of solving the case and save the image of Goa, the tourism capital of India. Laksh was been found unconscious on Calangute beach. He is brutally hurt his head and lost substantial part of his memory.

After the brief investigation, Police gets to know his whereabouts in Goa. As the police team reaches the resort where lash and his six other friends from Delhi are staying, they find one of his friend dead in a room and all other friends are missing.

Now, Inspector Ali ansari is left with only one suspect cum victim cum survivor, Laksh, who hardly remembers anything that has happened and this investigating officer has also to deal with his own marital problems.

Inspector Ansari has an uphill task to find the other missing friends, find the killer and at the same time take care of the boy in his custody else he too could be attacked again

Missing on a Weekend has a back and forth narration with glimpses of statements of the victim, eye witnesses and suspected culprits.

Time is running out and the cop has to arrange the jigsaw puzzle to search out for other friends and the unknown killer.

This is undoubtedly the best ever performance from Pavan Malhotra. He is such an underrated actor. Karan Hariharan is superb for his debut film.

All throughout the film, there isn’t any unwanted moment, shot in real locations in Goa and even the detention room and other cells in the Police Station appear realistic.

There isn’t much of fun n frolic which otherwise is associated with Bollywood flicks shot in Goa. A beautiful example of how a gripping crime thriller ought to be.

3 Stars overall plus an extra half for the performances of the fresh newcomers.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Pawan Malhotra as Inspector Ali Ansari
Karan Hariharan as Laksh
Jyoti Sethi as Reha
Dishank Arora as Inspector Ajay Kondse
Siddhant Mahajan as Rishabh
Akash Bathija as Prince
Mahsa Kooshesh as Tanisha
Shiva Dagar as Himanshu
Khusboo Kamal as Smruti
Special Appearance- Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Abbas

Produced by- Rajesh Patange, Sebastian Joseph, Abhishek Jawkar
Directed by- Abhishek Jawkar
Music directors- Nakash Aziz, Om Jha, Superbia
Production designer- Somnath Pakre, Prasun Chakraborty
Supervising producers- Sanket Gawali, Nikhil Punamiya, Kundan Patange
Cinematographer- Murlidhar N
Executive producer – Murali Lalwani
Chief asst. Director- Harmanpreet Singh Chadha
Costumes- Saurabh Jain
Guest costume stylist- Sayali Angachekar
DI colorist – Pranab Manna (Vikrant Studios)
Sound designing & Mixing – Nageshwar Rao Choudhary (Vikrant Studios)
Choreography- Hemanshu kumar, Sunil Thakur
Visual effects- Amar Dash
Publicity design- Brijesh Dedhiya
Background score- priyesh Vakil
Missing on a Weekend, hindi movie review