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Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan – movie review

The Untold truth... will always change your destiny


Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan, movie review

Youth, music competition, rock band, street plays and the inner desire of today’s youth to bring a change in the society. This sums up the gist of this breezy youthful drama.

One cannot tag it as a romantic drama as the director has skillfully and very realistically displayed the growing bond between Siddharth and Neha, which is usually rare in the present Genre of Bollywood flicks.

There is nothing over the top nor any larger than life characters. Just a simple story of Siddharth (Arsh Sehrawat), a young boy who is brought up by his single mother with dreams of settling abroad.

Like any other youth of his age, he is following the herd mentality of going abroad for further studies after his graduation in India. When will our Indians wake up and realise that we have best of the educational institutes and universities who have produced that class of professionals who are absorbed by hi-tech companies and even NASA.

Coming to the core of this film, now being a part of a rock band “Antriksha” formed by his college mates; Siddharth participates in a contest which changes his life completely.

It is during this moment that he meets Neha (Shrenu Parikh), a folk singer and a social activist and gets smitten by her ideologies.

In the midst of all this, he comes face to face with his father’s death.

Credit ought to be given to the producers who have come up with such a subject and very subtly carrying the message for the youth to wake up to the reality that if they really love their motherland, then heaven is here in India itself, with its rich culture, traditions and the movement initiated by the boy’s father and uncle that a beginning has to be made and it has to be from the interiors.

Arsh Sehrawat is satisfactorily natural in his role and Shrenu Parikh displays that she is a better actor who has the ability to act beyond Television Serials.

 Thodi Thodi Si Manmaaniyan, movie review

Cast & Crew:
Banner: NH 8 Production
Produced by: Satish Kumar & Rohandeep Singh
Co producers: K R Thakur (Pampu) Neetika Singh , Siddhant Ashdhir , Chandresh Bhanushali & Amardeep Sharma
Director: Aditya Sarpotdar
Written By: Param Kalra
Screenplay : Ajinkya Kishore , Param Kalra , Amjad Khan
Dialogue: Ajinkya Kishore
Music By: Troy Arif , Ajay Vas
Lyrics By: Prerna Sehetia & Raghav Dutt
Cinematography – Milind Jog
Editor – Faisal Khan Mahadik
Action: Ilyas Shaikh
Choreographer: Sujit Kumar
Background Score – Troy Arif
Costume: Dipika Lal & Anirudh Singh
Shooting Locations: Mumbai , Delhi , Harayana
Associate Producers : Indrajit Chaddha & Avdesh Bhatt
Production designer : Shamim Khopkar
Line Producer : Artha Creations
Media Relation: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media


Arsh Sehrawat as Siddharth Kaul
Shrenu Parikh as Neha Datta
Shilpa Tulaskar as Sarojdeep Kaul
Mukesh Tiwari as Ajay Kaul
Rahul Raj Malhotra as Sufi
Kuldeep Sarin as Ram Sharan Jha