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The Final EXIT – movie review

An amazing ‘other world’ experience. Absolutely stunning.


The existence of the ‘other world’ has been a subject of debate between the skeptics and the believers. The Final EXIT directed by Dhwanil Mehta explores this particular aspect and appears convincing to a great extent.

It is generally believed that the ‘other dimension’ or ‘other world’ always exists in our life. Made by a debutant director this film depicts layers of emotions of the characters. The audience will actually sense it throughout the film. This makes the viewer actually feel involved with the characters.

The subject of other dimension has been taken in several Hollywood films but it is for the first time that a Bollywood film delves into this complex issue. Almost every body, knowingly or unknowingly has experienced it, be in his sleep or during closed eyes or while in a trance or a state of unconsciousness and then finally at the end of one’s life.

The Final EXIT tackles the pertinent aspect – What if there is actually a different physical dimension that we all experience or enter? That is exactly what the film explores – the other dimension that really exists.

The film is centered around a successful professional photographer Vidyut (Kunaal Roy Kapur) who has everything in the world but still fees the vacuum within him. This person indulges in other vices to escape but lands up being more disturbed as he begins to hallucinate and experiencing the ‘other dimension’ that actually exists but most of us do not realize about its existence.

Then there are four beautiful nymphs – Archana Shastry, Elena Kazan, Reyhna Malhotra and Scarlett Wilson as well as Ananya Sen Gupta. Each of these girls is meeting Vidyut for a reason as each girl has a different reason and each of them have a distinct story to tell.

It is a journey of a man who feels lost as he is stuck in the ‘other world’ and earnestly desires to exit from that world to return to our world. The protagonist is a celebrated photographer having achieved all highs of this world and having indulged in all the sins of his present life. He begins to hallucinate, gets frequent dreams of a girl calling him somewhere. But he has never met or seen her in actual life. Occurrence of this phenomenon doesn’t let him live his normal life since the recurrence of the dream and the picture of the girl is always bothering him.

Kunaal Roy Kapur is very convincing as the indulgent photographer. While it is the new find Ananya Sen Gupta who is the surprise package of the film. Ananya is that nymph who frequents Vidyut’s dreams and shakes up his stability in life. She is that bewitching beauty who plays a pivotal role around Kunaal Roy Kapur’s life. Ananya has the looks and required talent enough to slot her as one of the most promising actresses of 2017.

The director succeeds in creating such an atmosphere that the viewer will feel scary even during our daylight sequences in the film. This supernatural horror-thriller seems rich in terms of its content, the way it is shot, rich in production values, apart from acting of the characters and finally the crisp editing.

An extra half star for the amazing visuals. Rating: 3 and half stars.

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Kunaal Roy Kapur
Ananya Sengupta
Archana Shastry
Elena Kazan
Reyhna Malhotra
Scarlett Wilson

Production Company – Mars Entertainment
Produced by Mrunal Jhaveri, Vishal Rana
Directed by Dhwanil MehtaWritten by Dhwanil Mehta
Music by Aman Pant, Yashraj-Ajay
Edited by Hardik Singh
Distributed by Carnival Motion Pictures
Public Relations – Alok Mathur
Final Exit, hindi movie review

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