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Strings of Passion – Film Review

Strings of Passion is about love for music.... and life.


Strings of Passion

A drama of love, deception and humanity, it is an urban commercial flick set in the City of Joy which tells the story of 3 guys who has one thing in common – their love for music and life.

Director Sanghamitra Chaudhuri’s bollywood debut has received acclaim in many International Festivals and has won 5 Awards. It has six beautiful songs and is extensively shot in the interiors of West Bengal, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Strings of Passion is a story of three boys who meet after a period and begin to relive their past..

Neel, Manu and Amit are from a software engineering collage and they have a band named Strings of Passion. They fall prey to family problems take emotional routes to suffice.

Neel, Aman and Amit are young and dynamic guys who run the band “Strings of Passion” but are shadowed by the influences of drugs, broken love and bad parenting. Apparently instigated by college blues, they run a ruthless period of drugs, depression & desolation until 3 women in their lives create magic and rejuvenate them to sensible human beings..

Insia, Komal and Tuktuki are three young women who stand by their side and spice up their blandness.
The characters are simple and identifiable and live our own emotional apt every moment.

Neel is brought up by single father.. devoid of affection, love and care..he is frustrated about love and life. He runs away with his father’s fiancée, Insia who fills his emptiness with care and emotion..

Manu’s dominating mother influences him to adopt a feminine trait and he falls prey to a gang rape. He commits suicide. It is evident that Manu is not a gay, yet the rogues refer to him as one.
While Amit’s isolated from friends, depressed and insecure, finds his soul-mate in a village lass, and loses her in a sway and is left shattered to pieces.

Amit and Neel meet to discover their shortcoming and start living life in a matured way..

The film takes its time in its storytelling and that is the most charming part. Very natural performances from Shubh Mukherjee, Indrani, Avalok Nagpal, and Paru Gambhir.

It is pleasing to see Zeenat Aman’s comeback in this artistic film.

Cinematography gets a special mention for capturing very natural and realistic surrounds, specifically of that of a haveli in the rural place of West Bengal, the lake-side views, the sunsets and rustic outdoors.

Sanghamitra Chaudhuri’s debut in Bollywood is a realistic film portraying the conflict of ideologies of urban and rural, and misconceptions of any sweet guy being referred to as a gay.

Strings of Passion is about love for music…. and life.

Shubh Mukherjee
Indrani Halder
Zeenat Aman
Rajesh Sharma
Avalok Nagpal
Paru Gambhir

Produced by TRICOLOUR CREATIONS Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited
Story, Script, Direction – Sanghamitra Chaudhuri
Cinematography – Riju Samanta
Music- Dev Sikdar and Sidhu/ Saqi
Editor- Bodhaditya Banerjee
Sound- Anup Mukherjee
Media Relation – Ashwani Shukla , Altair Media