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Sons of Ram (in 3 D)

A contemporary tale of brotherhood, courage and adventure - post Ramayana battle


The story of Luv & Kush (sons of Lord Rama) like never before and it is in 3D format!

Surayavanshi Ram of Ayodhya, the greatest warrior king that ever lived, was forced to send his beloved wife Sita into exile. This resulted in leading Lord Ram and his kingsom to despair and a directionless future.

Unknown to Lord Ram, far away in sage Valmiki’s Ashram, Sita lives as Vandevi, raising their twin sons, Luv & Kush. Though not aware of their royal lineage, the twins imbibe wisdom, compassion & combat skills that would put any royal prince to shame.

Sita is referred to as ‘Vandevi’ (Goddess of the forest) and brings up her sons Luv and Kush at Guru Valmiki’s ashram. While Luv has his father’s qualities – of being calm, controlled, dauntless and skilled at archery, Kush is spirited, brave, adventurous and hot-headed.

Sita imbibes the teaching of working as a team to Luv -Kush, secretly hoping that her estranged family would find a way to come together one day. The twins must conquer their inner demons before they can achieve their destinies.

Accompanied by a steadfast gang of lovable friends, Luv-Kush’s journey of discovery takes them from enchanted forests with mythical creatures, to the revered land of Ayodhya, the home of their fabled heroes.

The film follows the adventures of Luv,Kush and their gang of lovable and naughty friends, as they fight for their rights and face the mighty army of Ram .

Their path to the climax is filled with masti, magic and adventure .The plot has interesting twists and turns, and non-stop action, as the Twins and their friends discover their own strengths, their bonds of togetherness and true friendship.

The visuals are appealing and the film tries its best to be engaging, at least to the younger audience who aren’t used to reading the Amar Chitra Katha comics (the film is produced by them).

It has advanced animation coupled with 3 D visuals and superior sound. Those in their 30s and above will experience nostalgia of reading those comics, while the new generation need to watch this to learn about the happenings in the post Ramayana era.

Studio ACK Animation Studios
Voices of : Aditya Kapadia, Devansh Doshi, Saptarishi Ghosh & Sunidhi Chauhan
Directed By Kushal Ruia
Written By Kushal Ruia
Produced By ACK Animation Studios

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