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Satrangee Parachute – movie review

Its the children who display Indian values


Satrangee Parachute, movie review

Pappu (Siddhartha Sanghani) has done it once again but this time he ran away from his hometown with 4 of his friends to Mumbai. Pappu is the most intelligent student, the most lovable child and the most adorable and faithful friend in his village in Nainitaal in Uttar Pradesh in India. Even then he had this runaway nature as to search for his quests he runs away from his hometown to big cities and then brought back by the police. Satrangee Parachute movie review…

This trait of Pappu was a big disturbing fact for his father Chotulal and his mother Sumitra. They had to face the wrath of the villagers every time when Pappu ran away. Chotulal was completely frustrated, but Pappu’s mother know that one day Pappu would do the whole village proud.

The same belief and faith was felt by Kuhu, the 6 year old blind girl played by Rajvi Suchak, who was Pappu’s best friend. Both of them shared a warm affectionate and understanding relationship. Seeing them both together would make anyone happy and joyous. Pappu could do anything for Kuhu’s happiness and so one day when they were watching television and Pappu was describing the visuals to Kuhu, Kuhu got very excited to listen to the fact that people can actually fly like birds on parachutes. Kuhu desires to fly and that desire becomes Pappu’s challenge to get a parachute in the village and make Kuhu fly on that.

Pappu makes a plan and runs away with 4 of his friends – Monu, Shimit, Lateef and Adeeb who were the sone of the local police officer Pratap Singh and the local doctor Tribhuvan Tripathi. In the midst of one night they run away to Mumbai in search of a parachute.

The whole village wakes up to the news and everyone starts blaming Chotula and Sumitra. It becomes difficult for everyone and especially to the parents of the runaway kids to keep control.

The kids along with Pappu land in the dream city of Mumbai and are super excited to see such a big city and its fast life which was so new to them. They start searching for the parachute and in their search, they coincidentally meet few strangers who also were discussing about parachutes. After this Pappu and his friends go through their worst in life, and then they realize that they have landed in a big problem.

Now they genuinely feel the urge of going back to their homes, their village life. But the 5 kids are helples in this vast city.

Pappu and his four friends face obstacles in Mumbai as they are mistaken to be accomplices of four terrorists who have also arrived in the city with evil plans.

What happens to the kids? Do they find the parachute for Kuhu?
Do they meet their parents back in their hometown? How does Mumbai treat these small kids?

Siddhartha Sanghani and Rajvi Suchak do very well in enacting their characters in Satrangee Parachute. Zakir Hussain and Rupali Ganguli, as Pappu’s parents are subtle and okay. Kay Kay Menon has a limited scope in the story. Liliput and Sanjay Mishra virtually have no role whatsoever. Rajpal Yadav and Jackie Shroff appear in their brief roles.

Cinematographer Soumik Haldar captures the scenic beauty of Nainital very well in Satrangee Parachute. Satrangee Parachute has children who display Indian values, this is quite realistic.

Satrangee Parachute has a fresh new story, nice music and good photography. It does have a fresh subject.

Cast of Satrangee Parachute:
Siddhartha Sanghani as Pappu
Rajvi Suchak as Kuhu
Zakir Hussain as Pappu’s father
Rupali Ganguly as Pappu’s mother
Kay Kay Menon
Liliput Faruqui
Sanjay Mishra
Rajpal Yadav
Sanjay S. Swaraaj
The children:
Rajvi Patel, Shubham Sharma, Azaan Shah, Shailesh Raja, Adeeb Shahnawaz Hussain, Mayur Mondal

Credits & Crew of Satrangee Parachute:
Banner – Wonderworks Films
Producer – Vineet Khetrapal
Co-Producer – Rajeev Barnwal
Executive Producer – Anil Sinha
Director – Vineet Khetrapal
Associate Director – Vishakha Sinha
Chief Assistant Directors – Partha Bhattacharya, Samiksha Sharma
Story / Writer – Pulakesh Bhowmik
Lyrics – Rajeev Barnwal, Pinky Poonawala
Music Director – Kaushik Dutta, Shamir Tandon
Director of Photography – Soumik Haldar
Art / Production Design – Tarun Agasty
Costume Designer – Bilqis Khan
Director of Choreography – Stanley D’ Costa
Editor – Pranav V Dhiwar, Sanjib Dutta
Screenplay – Pulakesh Bhowmik
Sound – Vipin Bhati , Jissy Michael
Dialogue – Anupama Mishra
Action – Parvej & Feroz
Satrangee Parachute, movie review