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About 100 million girls are missing in the world ... they are dead!


When tradition kills…


Riwayat is a bollywood drama, musical directed by Vijay Patkar, with the award winning screenplay by Dr Sanjay Patole and Ajay Patole and produced by Dr Sanjay Patole and Dr Ajay Rane.

The movie depicts the emotional journey of Anita Desai (Samapika Debnath) – the protagonist against the backdrop of a serious global issue involving new born baby girls. Anita sacrificed everything in her quest against traditions.

It is a sensitive film that entertains while touching our hearts to make us think about the 100 million baby girls missing from the world.

A dynamic lady, Anita works for an NGO towards the welfare of children. She gets married to Raj, the handsome younger son of a wealthy industrialist Mr Desai. Raj is an ideal son, a caring brother and a loving husband

Soon after marriage an official assignment takes her to the rural primary health centre in village Gangapur. An emotional bond develops between Anita and Radha, her caretaker at the rest house in the village.

For Radha, life meant only suffering and nothing else. Anita is disturbed by the hardships faced by pregnant Radha in raising her two daughters while coping with the domestic violence by her drunken husband Gangaram, who is a victim of old beliefs, and then he committed the most heinous crime

Anita soon discovers that she is pregnant and faces the wrath of her father in-law for not agreeing to abort her baby girl. Things take a turn for worse when Radha goes into labour following domestic violence and delivers a stillborn baby girl at home. But the reality is something else.

Thus starts Anita’s fight to get justice for Radha. Young Kabir, the wise NGO driver and a man of few words, supports Anita in her battle by becoming her friend, philosopher and guide. Kabir’s compassion knew no boundaries.

With its four beautiful sound tracks including one classic by the legendary Jagjit Singh, Riwayat also takes us back to the golden era of Indian film music.

Produced by two world renowned doctors based inAustralia, Riwayat is a powerful film that reminds us about the worth and power of women – the most selfless loving, caring and versatile living being ever.

Without her nothing can exist.


Samapika Debnath – Anita Desai
Khalid Siddiqui – Raja Desai
Salil Ankola – Deepik Desai
Achint Kaur – Deepika Desai
Saurabh Dubey – Seth Girdhar Desai
Gauri Kulkarni – Radha
Aditya Lakhia – Gangaram
Narendra Jha – Kabir
Rajendra Gupta
Sayaji Shinde
Milind Joshi
Mangal Kenkre
Credits & Crew:

Banner – Horizon Films Pvt Ltd
Producers – Sanjay Patole, Ajay Rane
Story – Ajay Patole, Sanjay Patole
Co Producers – Ajay Patole
Music Director – Sushil Lalji
Director – Vijay Patkar
Lyricist – Sudhakar Sharma, Nusrat Badr
Editor – Dinesh Mengade
Background Music – Sameer Phaterpekar
Cinematography – Suresh Suvarna
Art – Yunus Pathan
Screenplay – Ajay Patole, Sanjay Patole
Dialogue – Imtiyaz Hussain

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