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Raudra – Marathi film

The hidden agenda


Raudra - Marathi film review

What instantly hits you in Raudra (Marathi film) is the depiction of simplicity of lives of the village folks and the rustic atmosphere of the serene village in Maharashtra. The film Raudra that is set in the 1970s sensitively portrays the various emotions of humans that is craftly woven around the search of of a hidden treasure by the protagonist, a census officer Trimbak (Rahul Patil) who supposedly is in search for the hidden Devi temple in the village of Wadgaon.

The census officer is on his official duty of collecting information of the inhabitants of this sleepy village gets the honorary services of Bando (Amit Padvankar) a villager who directs the census officer to the village Sarpanch Nanasaheb Kulkarni (Deepak Damle). The village head allows the officer to reside in his old Wada (sort of a haveli) to carry out his official duties.

The bad tempered and grumpy Sarpanch’s beautiful daughter Mrinmayee (Urmila Jagtap) finds the young census officer attractive as her life partner and love blossoms between them. Unaware of being used by the census officer, Mrinmayee allows access to her ancestral history book to him that aid’s this conman to the secret mystery of her Wada that has been religiously guarded by her father.

Mangesh Balasahed Gatkal’s story explores the greed (of the census officer), adoration and romance of Mrinmayee, sadness and embarrassment of her mother and the disgust and iron handedness of her father, innocence of the naïve youth Bando. Taking its initial time to establish the rustiness of village life, the story takes interesting twists and turns in the second half.

What turns positive for Raudra is the cool as a cucumber attitude and performance of Rahul Patil, assertiveness and ironhanded character of Deepak Damle and impishness of Amit Padvankar. Urmila Jagtap portrays the character of Mrinmayee who has been kept on leash by her strict father which leads her to find acceptance and love, that vacuum gets filled by the census officer.

Raudra is a film for niche audience, created by fresh talented team which may not appeal to the masses.

Cast of Raudra:
Rahul Patil – Census officer Trimbak
Urmila Jagtap – Mrinmayee
Deepak Damle – Village Sarpanch
Amit Padvankar – Bando
Anita Kokane – Mrinmayee’s mother
Ishan Gatkal – Bando’s younger brother

Credits of Raudra:
Presented by Ultra Media & Entertianment Private Limited & M.G. Pictures
Directed by Ravindra Shivaji
Produced by Shital Mangesh Gatkal
Co-produced by Sameer Kisan Gade
Story – Mangesh Balasaheb Gatkal
Screenplay & Dialogues – Sagar Jadhav, Ravindra Shivaji
Creative Producer – Shirish Pawar
Cinematography – Swapnil Ghanshyam Kedare
Music Director – Rohan Pagare
Background Score – Akshay Jadhav
Singer – Shubhagi Kedar, Harshad Golesar, Vaishnavi Adode
Art Director – Amit Suhas Padavankar
Editor – Akash Prakash More
Associate Director – Shirish Vijay Pawar
Additional Dop – Sachin Kadam
Costume – Indubai Gatkal
Make Up – Swati Deshmukh
Arts Production – Akash More
Production Manager – Allas Inamdar, Vishal Auti, Sanjay Gawali
Production Head – Darshan Kokane
PR – Ganesh Gargote (Media One)

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